Facts About Fluoride

  • In 1988, the American Dental Association claimed a 40-60% reduction of cavities from the use of fluoride; they now claim 18-25%: and other supporters claim only 12%.
  • In the largest study ever done, records of 39,000 US school children between the ages of 5 and 17, from 84 areas of the country with fluoridated water (1/3rd), partially fluoridated water (1/3rd) or un-fluoridated water (1/3rd) showed no statistically significant difference in the rate of tooth decay in these communities.
  • A 1992 study of dental records for 26,000 children in Tucson, Arizona found that tooth decay increased in children as the natural level of fluoride increased from 0.2 to 0.8 ppm.
  • Sodium fluoride and silicofluorides are added to 62% of U.S. and 40% of Canadian public water supplies.
  • Silicofluorides are 85 times more toxic than naturally-occurring calcium fluoride.
  • Fluoride is more toxic than lead and nearly as toxic as arsenic.
  • A World Health Organization survey, reports a reduction in the rates of dental decay in western Europe equal to or greater than in the U.S., even though 98% of the western European water supply is un-fluoridated.
  • Water fluoridation mass medicates at higher than prescribed levels for young children [0-4yrs]. The scheduled dose for infants under 6 months is NONE.
  • 66.4% of children living in “optimally fluoridated” communities have at least one tooth that displays visible signs of fluoride overdose (dental fluorosis)
  • The chemicals used in 90% of U.S. water fluoridation programs are industrial-grade hazardous wastes captured in the pollution-control scrubber systems of the phosphate fertilizer industry, called silicofluorides.
  • Until the early 1940s, fluorides produced as a by-product of aluminum and fertilizer industries were considered so toxic they could only be sold off for use in Rat Poison & Insecticide.
  • The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) states that fluoride is not a mineral nutrient; it is a prescription drug.
  • Fluoride has never received FDA approval and does not meet the legal requirements of safety and effectiveness necessary for such approval.
  • Drinking water fluoridation is opposed by both the Pasteur Institute and the Nobel Institute.

Source: The Fluoride Debate

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