This Is How The Globalists Want You to Live

by Kit Daniels

Image Credits: Ray Devlin / Flickr
Image Credits: Ray Devlin / Flickr

A super-tiny house appeared on a busy traffic triangle in Brooklyn, N.Y., showcasing the rise of “coffin” residences as U.N. Agenda 21 takes hold across the world.

The extremely narrow house, smaller than many two bedroom apartments, was quickly built on a cement triangle between three busy streets.

“Perfect if you’d like your living room to be roughly double the width of your front door,” Margaret Eby of Brooklyn Magazine wrote.

And it highlights the trend in sub-500 square foot living brought to you by Agenda 21, which disguises poverty as “frugal living.”

Across America, cities are developing Agenda 21 “coffin apartments” with one room serving as the living room, bedroom, bathroom, built-in storage and kitchen.

“Are Austinites ready to start living in 21st century boarding houses?” Joe Lanane asked in the Austin, Texas, Community Impact Newspaper. “That is how at least one Austin developer describes micro units, small residential spaces that are less than 400 square feet.”
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