BTL Update 2011 September 24

Should Assad Go Next? Not So Fast Stop the UN’s Agenda 21 & ‘Sustainable Development’ 9/11: A Conspiracy Theory Drugs Kill More People Than Ever, Report Finds How many people are actually killed by drugs? Engineered e. coli Epidemic There Will Be Oil Oil: What I Would Do if I …

Banking and Monetary Policy

BTL Update 2011 July 30

Push Back Against FDA Growing Two States Defy DC on No Child Left Behind The Unintended Constitutional Mistakes of “Cut, Cap, and Balance” Green agenda has parallels with excesses of communism Busting Posse Comitatus: Military Cops Arrest Civilians in Florida City New NASA Data Blows Gaping Hole In Global Warming …


Why EPA Headquarters Union of Scientists Opposes Fluoridation

The following documents why our union, formerly National Federation of Federal Employees Local 2050 and since April 1998 Chapter 280 of the National Treasury Employees Union, took the stand it did opposing fluoridation of drinking water supplies. Our union is comprised of and represents the approximately 1500 scientists, lawyers, engineers …


Codex Alimentarius

Food safety bill invokes Codex harmonization and grants FDA authority to police food safety of foreign nations Of all the talk about S.510, virtually no one has actually read the language in the bill — especially not those lawmakers who voted for it. The more you read from this bill, …

Agenda 21

Sustainable Development

The U.N. document called Agenda 21 lays the blueprint for advancing Sustainable Development.  This is a euphemism for depopulation and control.  The basis of the design is the “Three E’ program: “Equity”- using sociology and the law to create a global system of governance; “Economy”- meaning redistribution between nations and …


Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)

Shoppers wary of GM foods find they’re everywhere You may not want to eat genetically engineered foods. Chances are, you are eating them anyway. Genetically modified plants grown from seeds engineered in labs now provide much of the food we eat. Most corn, soybean and cotton crops grown in the …


Facts About Fluoride

In 1988, the American Dental Association claimed a 40-60% reduction of cavities from the use of fluoride; they now claim 18-25%: and other supporters claim only 12%. In the largest study ever done, records of 39,000 US school children between the ages of 5 and 17, from 84 areas of …



The Green War on Children Halloween isn’t for another three weeks, but environmental ghouls are on the haunt. A sadistic video released by global warming fear-mongers reveals an inconvenient truth about eco-radicals: They despise the very children for whom they claim to be saving the planet. Human Events 2010 October …

Agenda 21

Understanding Sustainable Development

[gview file=”http://ticadine.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/Understanding_Sustainable_Development_pamphlet_2007.pdf”] Related Posts:What Is Sustainable Development?BTL Update 2012 January 5Agenda 21 For DummiesSustainable DevelopmentAgenda 21 Working! Sperm Counts Halved in 40 YearsElectronic Snoops Who Watch EverythingMoving Toward A One World Government, A One World Economy And A One World ReligionBarack Obama, Planned Parenthood And The Demonic Population Control Agenda …


America’s Toxic Water Supply

The Poisoning of America’s Water Supplies “Every day in the United States more than 240 million people turn on their faucets in order to drink, bathe, and cook, using water from public water systems. But more people are arriving to the point where they will not let a drop of …