Banking and Monetary Policy

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20 Signs That The Fabric Of American Society Is Coming Apart At The Seams Nuclear Power Is Extremely Safe — That’s the Truth About What We Learned From Japan Actually, MSM, China’s an Economic Mess Big Surprises(?) Uncovered in Fed Audit Life after 2011 if the Liberals have their way …

Banking and Monetary Policy

Competing Currencies – a Defense Against Profligate Government Spending

2011 July 11 Ron Paul The end of June marked what is hopefully the end of the Federal Reserve’s policy of quantitative easing.  For months the Fed has purchased hundreds of billions of dollars of Treasury debt, enabling the government to fund its profligate deficit spending, push the national debt …

Banking and Monetary Policy

Glenn Beck meets The Creature from Jekyll Island

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Banking and Monetary Policy

The Floating Dollar as a Threat to Property Rights

Seth Lipsky is the founding editor of the New York Sun. A graduate of Harvard College, he served in the U.S. Army in Vietnam as a combat correspondent for Pacific Stars and Stripes. A former senior editor and member of the editorial board of The Wall Street Journal, he has …

Banking and Monetary Policy

Free Market Gold Standard vs Government-Guaranteed Gold Standard

How to Defend the Free Market Gold Coin Standard: Stop Defending the Government Counterfeits Characteristic features of a free market gold standard: Private property The right of contract The enforcement of contracts by the government No government licensing of banks Open entry in coin production No government mint No government …

Banking and Monetary Policy

The Plain Truth of the Federal Reserve

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Banking and Monetary Policy

Quantitative Easing

The Rest of the World Hates Bernanke’s Quantitative Easing Even as Barack Obama and Ben Bernanke publicly defend the Federal Reserve’s new $600 billion quantitative easing program, top finance officials around the globe are expressing alarm and outrage.  But what did Obama and Bernanke expect?  “Quantitative easing” is little more …

Banking and Monetary Policy

Gold Confiscation Act

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Banking and Monetary Policy

Inflating War: Central banking and militarism are intimately linked

Thomas DiLorenzo One can say without exaggeration that inflation is an indispensable means of militarism,” Ludwig von Mises wrote. “Without it, the repercussions of war on welfare become obvious much more quickly and penetratingly; war weariness would set in much earlier.” This explains why American politicians have always resorted to …

Banking and Monetary Policy

U.S. National Debt and Inflation

National Debt The official U.S. national debt has just surpassed $13 trillion. This does not include the debts of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which are now backed by the Federal Government. Once you include Fannie/Freddie’s debts of $6.3 trillion, our real national debt is now $19.3 trillion. The U.S. …