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Forcing a Total, Saturated 5G Future… Without Safety Checks

Source: Truthstream Media 5G is a completely different beast altogether, and it is being forced through as fast as possible without even taking the time to set standards or do any safety checks, despite the fact that non-ionizing radiation is long-known to be harmful. The goal is complete saturation of …

Agenda 21

Electronic Snoops Who Watch Everything

By Catherine J. Frompovich One of the more prevalent minor ‘crimes’ or pranks that occurred when I was a very young girl was someone peeking in your window, especially at night.  That really shook up people, as it was considered such an invasion of one’s dignity and privacy.  Those who …


Cell Phones – Cell Towers – Haarp. An EMF Triple Threat

by Michael T. Winter Part I – Cell phones When it comes to cell phones’ dangerous side effects, the cat is out of the bag. Public awareness has grown regarding their dangers. Nations worldwide have adopted legislation curtailing the use of cell phones by children. Stacks of scientific papers published …