They Live, We Sleep: A Dictatorship Disguised as a Democracy

by John W. Whitehead The Rutherford Institute                   “You see them on the street. You watch them on TV. You might even vote for one this fall. You think they’re people just like you. You’re wrong. Dead wrong.”—They Live We’re living in …


JFK to 911 Everything Is A Rich Man’s Trick

The who, how & why of the JFK assassination. Taken from an historical perspective starting around world war 1 leading to present day. We hope after watching this video you will know more about what happened in the past and how the world is run today. Related Posts:The CONSPIRACY Project …


No Matter Who Wins The White House, The New Boss Will Be The Same As The Old Boss

by John W. Whitehead “What the government is good at is collecting taxes, taking away your freedoms and killing people. It’s not good at much else.”—Author Tom Clancy The American people remain eager to be persuaded that a new president in the White House can solve the problems that plague …


Paradise Stolen

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The Reengineering of Life – and How to Prevent It

by Julian Rose What do atmospheric aerosol geoengineering, the genetic engineering of foods and the reordering of the human genome – have in common? They are all part of an attempt to alter the fundamental building blocks of life and to put in their place an artificial substitute that is …


Naming Names: Your Real Government

When dark deeds unfold, point the finger in this direction. by Tony Cartalucci This is your real government; they transcend elected administrations, they permeate every political party, and they are responsible for nearly every aspect of the average American and European’s way of life. When the “left” is carrying the …