Global Warming science is not settled despite what Obama would like us to believe

H. Leighton Steward sets record straight on ‘manmade’ CO2 emissions

Why has Earth been warming for 300 years when man has only emitted measurable amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere for the last 150 years? Why was the Medieval Warm Period a thousand years ago warmer than today, even though the CO2 level is 38 percent higher today? Why do natural factors – such as sunspot cycles, solar cycle lengths, solar magnetic variations, cloud cover and changes in major ocean currents – correlate better with Earth’s temperature than CO2 levels?

Rather than answer these questions, climate alarmists simply shout “the science is settled” and brand skeptics of their theory as “anti-science.” Ironically, this approach is about as anti-science as you can find. When dealing with something as complex as Earth’s climate, with its 22 drivers, declaring “the science is settled” without empirical evidence is absurd.

Also absurd is categorizing CO2 as a pollutant rather than a compound necessary to plant and animal life on Earth. Drastic reductions of atmospheric CO2 will cause economic devastation and mass starvation. As CO2 levels fall, so will food production. This is not a model projection but based on thousands of peer-reviewed studies showing the effects of atmospheric CO2 levels on plants.

Last July, professor Ranga Myneni of Boston University reported on data from NASA satellites to show that the Earth has been getting greener for at least the last 30 years despite environmental disasters such as destruction of rainforests and paving everything in sight.

Increased atmospheric CO2 is good for plants, food crops and trees, all of which are good for Earth’s habitats and ecosystems. Continue reading @ Worldnet Daily

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