Conspiracy Theories

Pretty Much the Weakest Argument Against Conspiracy Theories Ever Made… Ever

Here’s us basically blowing off some steam at a ridiculous and very weak argument, and roasted the ‘illustrious academic philosopher’ who uttered it (and should know better).

In the larger scheme, there isn’t a good argument for shutting down thought, but the powers-that-be are doing their damnedest to do it anyway… and that should be chilling and frightening to everyone.

It hasn’t escaped our notice, but we still can’t help laughing about it, gallows humor or whatever you want to call it.

If there’s one good thing about this “talk,” it’s that it is proof the system is getting desperate… because this has got to be THE WEAKEST argument against conspiracy theories we’ve ever heard.

Source: Truthstream Media

April 11, 2019

Aaron and Melissa Dykes

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