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BTL Update 2012 March 12

How does your state rate on 2nd Amendment?
The Brady bunch has released its annual scorecard rating states based on how strict their gun laws are. The scorecard is a very useful tool to help rights groups understand how their state compares to others on a liberty scale; more points = less liberty. Read more…

EPA Endangers Human Health and Welfare
Last week, a three-judge panel of the federal District Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit heard two days of oral arguments in the lawsuit challenging the Environmental Protection Agency’s regulation of greenhouse gas emissions using the Clean Air Act. The consolidated suit, Coalition for Responsible Regulation vs. EPA, challenges the EPA’s 2009 Endangerment Finding (EF) that greenhouse gas emissions “endanger human health and welfare,” the automobile tailpipe emissions rule, and the “tailoring rule” that exempts smaller stationary emissions sources from being regulated — in contradiction of the explicit language in the 1970 Clean Air Act. Read more…
American Thinker

Sneaky: Coca-Cola Removes Known Carcinogen to Avoid Cancer Warning Label
In a move to avoid being slapped with a cancer warning label, Coca-Cola is making an emergency recipe alteration that involves removing a known carcinogen from the mix. Showing that the company is more interested in preserving sales than actually ridding its products of known cancer-causing substances, the company chose to remove the toxic ingredient to avoid the warning label — not to actively protect the health of the consumer. The compound (used for the drinks’ caramel coloring), known as 4-methylimidazole (4-MI or 4-MEI), has been ousted by the Center for Sciences in the Public Interest as a powerful carcinogen. Read more…
Natural Society

Six Romney Family Members Hit Campaign Trail… For RON PAUL
No less than six relatives of Presidential candidate Mitt Romney have joined the campaign trail in the race for the GOP nomination, but they’re not supporting the former Massachusetts governor, they’re campaigning for Texas Congressman Ron Paul. Read more…

Green Firms Get Fed Cash, Give Execs Bonuses, Fail
President Obama’s Department of Energy helped finance several green energy companies that later fell into bankruptcy — but not before the firms doled out six-figure bonuses and payouts to top executives, a Center for Public Integrity and ABC News investigation found. Read more…
ABC News

Goodbye, 5th, 6th And 8th Amendments; Hello, Tyranny
While mainstream media spent last week writing headlines like The Washington Post’s “Limbaugh, Fluke and the GOP’s ‘war on women’” — a controversy oddly, and conveniently, coinciding with Thursday’s International Women’s Day — something much more frightening than Fluke’s having to forgo luxuries while in college to pay for birth control was afoot. A week ago, Attorney General Eric Holder told an audience at Northwestern University Law School that the President of the United States “in full accordance with the Constitution” can kill American citizens that pose a threat to the Federal government. Read more…
Personal Liberty Digest

Election Outcomes Predetermined
Elections are rigged. Results are known beforehand. It’s all Kabuki Theater (see Ron Paul and the way he’s been cheated out of wins in Iowa, Maine and Nevada, etc.). The establishment controls the outcomes. And to keep voters distracted, the elites and their mainstream media co-conspirators are constantly throwing out nonsensical issues designed to elicit irrational emotional responses. The latest is the contraception issue suddenly ginned up by the White House and inflamed by the talking knuckleheads on both the left and the right. Read more…
Personal Liberty Digest

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