Society Is Witnessing Yet Another Scapegoat Ritual

Source: Truthstream Media

August 20, 2019

Aaron and Melissa Dykes

After weeks of cartoonish stupidity, apparently I had something to say about it after all…

The point is, the crime ring surrounding public enemy #1 has an open opportunity to sink back into the shadows… even as it is clear the sunken darkness that society has been steeped in for decades has taken its toll, and left a stain.

Everyone has been corrupted; yet the worst cases remind us that those at the top run in dangerous and debased circles. Though it is injustice in its clearest sense, it would be naive to believe they have been, or will soon be held accountable.

While Epstein escapes justice, and resides in a realm where he can divulge no secrets and name no names, the public is forced to leave the great Leviathan, once again, to submerge after exposure. There has been a clear public reveal of the fact that a major clandestine operation has been underway, and that a dark cult has the power to continue to navigate our society with near-invisibility and near-total impunity.

Offering up Epstein as the sacrificial goat – as the scapegoat for these dark crimes – allows the underground system – with massive political and economic power – to continue and move forward, symbolically atoned. The high level names, from presidents and royals on down, who brushed shoulders with him give enough indication. But this system has the power to stop the story, to cover-up important details, and to continue assaulting the psyche of society at large with its tactics.

Blood has been spilled, and in payment. Will it be enough to appease the capricious ‘god’ of the Herd Mind? Will people remain forever complicit in their silence?

Will it recognize and accept the “show” sacrifice, or will further investigations, something real, ever take hold?

The answers are elusive. These forms have played out many times before in history, and in the traces of ancient mystery religions are still visible in our present-day-world. Sacrifice has remained an important symbolic aspect of its institutions.

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