It’s Official: We’re Living in the Prequel to ‘Blade Runner’

Source: Truthstream Media, Patreon

November 22, 2018

Aaron and Melissa Dykes

“Now scientists with DARPA grants are talking about targeting the signal for depression so people’s brains can “unlearn” it…

We’re officially living in the prequel to ‘Blade Runner.’

If they are successful, the tech powers that be intend to erase “depression” and other undesirable emotions and make us about as authentic as mannequins at the mall, and basically just as plastic. Now, such silly but frightening movies as ‘The Stepford Wives’ and ‘Futureworld’ (the 70s sequel to ‘Westworld’) are potentially coming true.

Both movies feature notable figures in society being replaced by knock-off, like-alike android that are designed to behave perfectly according to schedule,and with none of the annoying “realness” that comes with having actual emotions.

Just think, with enough billions more in funding, we can all stop feeling, and forget about the past.We can learn to only feel artificial bliss, and lose sight of what the struggle was all about, why our rights matter, or why anything is less than a simple hedonistic dream. Ughhh!

For the time being, we only hope that your lives are filled with all the authentic happiness, and sadness,ups and down, dullness and excitement that comes with real living, and real lives.

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