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The Founding of Our Idiocracy

Written on Saturday, February 16, 2013 by

116763582-150x150Rush Limbaugh made an astounding statement during his program on the day following the State of the Union sermon. Mr. Limbaugh confessed that he hadn’t understood that America apparently does not connect the Lyin’ King or his policies with the ills besetting the nation. Until now. What caused the epiphany? Mr. Limbaugh arrived at this conclusion after viewing a focus group, post presidential speech. This focus group was composed entirely of former Romney voters. The focus group, like a majority of the nation, hates the direction the country is taking yet loved the president’s speech. Mr. Limbaugh was astounded by this “doublethink.” He credited some of his listeners with having been aware of it before he was. What Mr. Limbaugh acknowledged was revealing but, it is only the tip of the iceberg.

Mr. Limbaugh, quite correctly, identified that the president always makes certain that he is never perceived as “governing.” He is solely focused on playacting at resisting the phantoms he claims are to blame for the ills that beset us. Those forces are never caused by him. And he is believed by a large portion of the constituency, despite his four-year history of lying to us, day in and day out. Mr. Limbaugh further added that such behavior is a staple of dictatorship. Such Orwellian conduct by all concerned isn’t the major problem, however. In order for such an alarming dichotomy to be possible there has to be a total disregard for logic and common sense. And this is the issue that is still not being addressed.

Common sense is anything but common. Like every action a human being can perform, either physical or mental, common sense must be learned. A human being is not born with such ability, fully developed. And logic must accompany common sense. Logic is a discipline that is based upon fact and evidence of whatsoever is true. Logic teaches one to think. Without it, “common sense” would still dictate that the earth is flat. Logic used to be a required subject in school. It isn’t anymore. That isn’t an oversight. Continue reading on Patriot Update

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