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CIA Orchestrated Syrian Opposition Crumbles

Kurt Nimmo
March 25, 2013

The CIA has sent forth its potted plant to rule over Syria – but only if it can manage to defeat the Syrian army and remove Bashar al-Assad, either by Russian aircraft or in the same way Moammar Gaddafi was removed.

The CIA’s man is Ghassan Hitto, the provisional prime minister of a wobbly interim government established by the Syrian opposition National Coalition – a creation of the Muslim Brotherhood and Qatar — in a chaos-wracked and warlord ruled area carved out of Syria by the FSA and the agency’s al-Nusra terrorists who are indistinguishable from al-Qaeda.

“Ghassan Hitto has won,” coalition member Hisham Marwa said from Istanbul on Monday. The coalition’s “Islamist and liberal factions” engaged in 14 hours of “closed-door consultations” before deciding on the Texan “with Islamist leanings,” according to Agence France-Presse.

Hitto is backed by another CIA asset – the Muslim Brotherhood – and also supported by coalition Secretary General Mustafa Sabbagh, who is Qatar’s man in the floundering plan to turn Syria into a compliant bankster satellite lorded over by fanatical Salafists. Qatar and Saudi Arabia are bankrolling the effort.
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