Human 2.0 Is Almost Here: The Transhumanism Agenda Just Went Mainstream

Source: Truthstream Media

October 14, 2018

Aaron and Melissa Dykes

The time is getting quite late, and things appear to be moving very rapidly now. A major, and perhaps irrevocable choice may happen in our very lifetimes. Please be ready for that.

Mel here. This is a rant but I couldn’t help it. This is happening. First it was occult, then science fiction and fringe, and now transhumanism has gone totally mainstream. That’s the level that we’re at now, all by design. And the system is acting like we don’t really have a choice… but we do.

Aaron here: They are trying to force it on us. Extortion to  conform…”if you don’t opt for it, then you’ll be forced to take it  anyway” – just as the example with ‘your kids’ not being able to keep up  with the other upgraded kids in school unless they get an upgrade  (don’t YOU care about them, their future, being able to compete?). What  good is so-called “education” if it just means access to  predetermined/screened/approved answers and supra-hive mind ‘thoughts’  where individuality and actual thought/cognition is either non-existent  or extremely subordinate and suppressed? The answer is obvious.

These are a bunch of crazies pulling some s*** on our society to make  this very crucial compromise of our minds and soul seem a) invevitable,  b) like sugar-coated medicine and c) necessary at all. But such is our  apparent collective belief in progress and social evolution (actually I  doubt most people really believe this but rather just follow the  trend-leaders [which is hardly evolving, ya know?]).

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