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November 20, 2017

This Russia Collusion thing has been going on for one year now. I’m not interested in debating whether or not Trump colluded. I am interested in examining the massive hypocrisy emanating from our government, and on display daily in living color from MSM  whores, prostitutes, traitors, teleprompter readers. Who among us Dirt People isn’t amazed that our politicians can feign their fake indignant shock that such a thing could happen …. for, surely, America would never do such a thing!

The fact is that we  treat the world like a giant outhouse, a place where we shit upon any nation we choose, at the time of our choosing, and then pretend outrage when they return the favor. Not that there’s anything wrong with this. Because, there isn’t, right? It’s how the world works.

But, the Whores&Pols act as if foreign entanglements should be a pure and noble endeavor when, if fact, it’s a dirty rotten business, played as such by powerful nations. Criticism of Russia, China, etc. has risen to a fever pitch. Meanwhile, they paint America as a friendly bringer of democracy,  whose motives are pure as the driven snow, building shining cities on the hill for other countries, and where unicorn farts smell like wildflowers.

Of course, this is all poppycock because making America great again comes at  a price.

—– Henry Kissinger said, — “America has no permanent friends or enemies, only interests.” (Probably stolen from British PM Benjamin Disreali, who likely stole it from Lord Palmersto)

—– Czar Alexander III said; —  “Russia only has two allies: the army and the navy.

—– De Gaulle  said — “a man can have a friend, a nation, never

—– In the novel “Count of Monte Cristo” we read: –  “In politics, my dear fellow, you know, as well as I do, there are no men, but ideas—no feelings, but interests; in politics we do not kill a man, we only remove an obstacle, that is all.

—– George Washington in his farewell address  … urged Americans to avoid even long-term FRIENDLY relations or rivalries with any nation … that these attachments will only cloud the government’s judgment in its foreign policy … which could only lead to unnecessary wars which have no justification and no benefit to the country.  Isolationist? Perhaps.  But, 231 years ago he put America’s interests first above all others.

—– President Donald Trump; — “We’ve defended other nations’ borders while refusing to defend our own; and spent trillions of dollars overseas while America’s infrastructure has fallen into disrepair and decay. But that is the past. And now we are looking only to the future. We assembled here today are issuing a new decree to be heard in every city, in every foreign capital, and in every hall of power. From this day forward, a new vision will govern our land. From this moment on, it’s going to be America first.

The Media Whores, Dems, and even some Repubs have hammered Trump for making such comments. “Bully!”,  “Clueless!”,  “Mean spirited!”, “Uncooperative!”, they scream as loudly as a man with his pecker caught in a zipper. When the fact of the matter is that Trump may the most honest man in the room (regrading a nation’s self interest).

The Rage Against Russia is met with an exact equal dose of Acquiescence for America. These Galvanizing Goebbels Gobblers hope you never discover that ‘America-For-Make-Benefit-Glorious-Nation-Of-America’ has been a defacto policy for at least the past 75 years. Long before Trump made it cool to put America first, the USA!USA!USA! expanded that “doctrine” to absolutely positively interfere with other nations’ culture, politics, … and their elections. At least 7 million have died as a result.  Let’s take a look ….

But first, a quick joke … that’s not really a joke.

—Q: Why has there never been a coup in the United States?

—A: Because there’s no U.S. embassy in Washington.

2016_12_29 USinterferenceForeignElections.r2

In fact, This scholarly article  (available for $42) shows that Russia AND the United States have interfered in ONE HUNDRED SEVENTEEN (117) foreign elections since 1945. And this figure does NOT include military coups and/or regime change attempts!  Let’s peek at just 10 cases of US Interference, some well known, others not so much.

———- –

HAITI (1915)

The lingering aftermath today: A Haitian woman bakes “cookies” by mixing salt, vegetable oil, water and dirt (yes, dirt).

America invaded Haiti in 1915, installed a client government, imposed new laws, and ruled for 19 years. Concerning Haiti, Secretary of State William Jennings Bryan said – “Think of it! Niggers speaking French!” The USA wanted to make sure that the Haitian government was compatible to American economic interests and friendly to foreign investment.  From the archives of the State Department

The United States gained complete control over Haitian finances, and the RIGHT TO INTERVENE in Haiti WHENEVER the U.S. Government deemed necessary.”

About 15,000 were killed. Many times that number were wounded or died as a result of war’s aftermath; starvation and disease. General Smedley was disgusted with the role he played; — “I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank boys to collect revenues in. I helped in the raping of half a dozen Central American republics for the benefits of Wall Street.”

———- –

ITALY (1948)

Elections in 1948 were not the mass media events they are today. The campaign took place in the squares, the factories, the pulpits, wherever people gathered.  A key piece of party-political propaganda was the poster. Millions of them.  The above poster reads; “The bread we eat: 40% Italian flour 60% American flour sent for free.”

The cold war was unfolding.There was a the communist coup in Czechoslovakia in 1948. The U.S. feared that a socialist-communist coalition would triumph in Italian elections. At the tail end of the election campaign, Time magazine warned of an ominous leftist victory which would lead to “the brink of catastrophe“.

The U.S. felt they had to influence the will of the Italian people.  They barred Italians who “did not believe in the ideology of the United States” from even entering the country. The CIA (in its first major cold war covert action) funded opposing parties. They orchestrated a massive propaganda campaign. They persuaded millions of Italian-Americans to write letters. The State Department made it clear that there would be “no further question of assistance from the United States” if the wrong people won. Its efforts were a success.

F. Mark Wyatt, a career CIA officer, helped deliver millions of dollars to the eventual victors. He said, — “We had bags of money that we delivered to selected politicians, to defray their political expenses, their campaign expenses, for posters [see above picture] , for pamphlets,”  in a 1995 interview recorded for “Cold War,” a 1998 documentary.  The Christian Democrats won the elections by a comfortable margin and formed a government that excluded the Communists.  According to declassified records, the C.I.A.’s practice of buying political clout was repeated in every Italian election for the next 24 years.

———- –

IRAN (1953)

British owned ‘Anglo-Iranian Oil Company’ was making enormous profits and only paying Iran 16%, or less. This pissed off Iranians. Mohammad Mossadegh was “elected” (selected, actually) as Prime Minister in 1951. He wanted to nationalize the oil company. This delighted Iranians (Mossadegh is still popular to this day). But, it pissed off the British. They tried to get rid of Mossadegh. They failed.

So, they asked the U.S. to help. Eventually, and with nagging from Winston Churchill, President Eisenhower decided to intervene. Not just for oil, but both British and American intelligence operatives pulled out that favorite card … COMMIES! (Even though Iranians at the time feared Russians more than America did.)

The CIA launched Operation Ajax, a twisted plot filled with lies and small false flag events, all aimed at getting the Iranian monarch (Mr. Shah) to dismiss the duly elected Mossadegh. But, they say at that time the Shah was such a very gentle man that he was called “weak reed” because he needed much guidance. In today’s language he would be known as a pussy. Of course, history shows he relented. His pussification was instantly cured after accepting large bribes.

The U.S. continued getting a huge share of Iran’s oil, we funded the Shah’s government, army, and brutal secret police, SAVAK. We turned a weenie into a dick. Until 1979. That’s when U.S. paid a bigger price by becoming the Great Satan. Had we left Iran to attend to their own affairs in their own natural timeframe, it’s quite conceivable to imagine that none of the tension we see today between Iran and America would have ever come to fruition.

Nice first-hand accounts from people directly involved, here

Note: I am aware of those who justify America’s actions, and even those who deny it all together.  See National Interest, a neocon think-tank. But even that source must admit we disposed of Iran’s legitimate leader;

“Mossadegh enjoyed massive popularity at different times during his political career, but his position as Prime Minister was never due to a nationwide poll. This is not to say Mossadegh’s position was not legitimate. He was chosen by his constituency to be a Majles deputy, this is indisputable.”

———- –


There were no bananas in the U.S. in 1870.  Thirty years later Americans were consuming 45 million pounds per year. By 1899 the United Fruit Company (UFCO) became the largest banana company in the world with plantations throughout Central America … eleven steamships, known as the Great White Fleet plus 30 other ships rented or leased.  Central and South America countries fell under the thumb of the mighty UFCO, also called “El Pulpo” (the octopus) but, none more so than Guatemala.

The company spent a lot of money on infrastructure such as ports and railroads … eventually gaining control of virtually all means of transport and communications. What’s good for the banana, is good for Guatemala. Of course, they eventually corrupted every level of government and politics in Guatemala, even getting exempt from taxes for 99 years. UFCO had the unconditional support of right-wing dictators who maintained their power by terrorizing the people and arresting prominent citizens who were either killed on the spot or tortured in prison to extract confessions.

By 1944, Guatemalans got tired of this shit. They overthrew the Dick Tator and held its first true elections in history. The new guy, Dr. Juan Jose Arevalo Bermejo, even drafted a new constitution based on the U.S. Constitution. The next guy, Jacobo Arbenz, continued the reforms. At the time, 2% of the population owned over 70% of the land … only 10% of the land was available for 90% of the population. He decided to make some of the unused land available to the people. This really pissed off UFCO. A lot. They owned the unused land and wanted to keep it to themselves. But Jacobo Arbenz basically told them to go stick a banana up their asses. So, UFCO went to the USA for help.

Brothers Allen and John Foster Dulles, CIA director and secretary of state, respectively, were closely tied to UFCO. Ed Whitman, UFCO’s top public relations officer, was the husband of Ann Whitman, President Eisenhower’s private secretary. So, UFCO, went to our government and told them — “Jacobo Arbenz is a COMMIE!!”  And, the USA believed it!!

Ed Whitman was even involved in the production of a film, “Why the Kremlin Hates Bananas“, which pictured UFCO fighting in the front trenches of the cold war! (See above video.) Newspapers across the country, including The New York Times, ran anti-Guatemala stories.

So, in 1954 the CIA  orchestrated a coup … “Operation PBSUCCESS” … set up a clandestine radio station to carry propaganda, jammed all Guatemalan stations, and hired skilled American pilots to bomb strategic points in Guatemala City.

The U.S. replaced the freely elected government of Guatemala with another right-wing dictatorship …. because, bananas. Guatemala was thrown back into the dark ages and the stage was set for the next 30 years of repression and killing.

Here’s the interesting unexpected consequence. Che Guevara lived in Guatemala at the time. He would later tell Cuban leader Fidel Castro that it was Guatemala’s free and open society that allowed the CIA to penetrate and overthrow President Arbenz … and that Castro shouldn’t cooperate with the U.S. if he hoped to stay in power. Castro heeded the advice. The collateral damage was “freedom” in Cuba.

———- –

CONGO (1961)

How DARE he say such incendiary stuff!!

Patrice Lumumba, a thirty five year old, slight, goateed man with black, half-framed glasses, was the country’s first democratically chosen leader. He presided over a country as large as the U.S. east of the Mississippi. But, the U.S. and Belgium have been screwing with Congo for 125 years … because the country was cursed with enormous natural resources which both countries intended to exploit for as long as possible.

Lumumba wanted to unify all the various factions in his country. He wanted to Make Congo Great Again by making great deals. Deals which would keep some of Congo’s wealth in Congo. Oops! He had to be assassinated.

But, the CIA needed a good reason. Yet, once again … wait for it … Congo was full of … wait …. COMMIES!!  Ludo De Witte, the Belgian author of the best book on this crime, qualifies it as “the most important assassination of the 20th century” See this article.  

Here’s how it basically went down. Lumumba was captured, horribly tortured, then killed. He was doused in acid to make his body disappear. But, they ran out of acid. So they crushed, hacked and ground his body to pieces, scattering the remains in an area that would later be named “Lumumba”. The lengths some people go to in order to have a city named after them!

———- –

VIETNAM (1956 election)

Everyone has an opinion about Vietnam, and we are all experts. I’m going to try to make a looong story short, basic,and without bullshit.

 1) The French (by way of Napoleon’s decision) began their colonization of Vietnam in 1859.
2) As they are prone to do, the French retreated in 1950’s.
3) An election was scheduled.
4) It was crystal clear that Ho Chi Minh would win in a landslide.
5) However, America loves democracy and voting, as long as the right candidate is elected. It wasn’t Ho. Cuz  he was a COMMIE!!! The USA was afraid of Domino’s pizza. Or, something like that.
6) So, the U.S. intervened, and wanted to install a puppet named Ngo Dinh Diem.
7) Vietnam split in 1954. Ngo was to be ruler of the South.
 But, the election was cancelled.
8) So, the USA needed to prop up the puppet regime. Pretend it had support. However, the people of Vietnam really really didn’t like Diem. So, we picked him.
9) We also chose the opposing candidate, Emperor Bao Dai, an exiled member of the royal family. The people hated Bao Dai even more than Diem.
10) So, Diem won by 98.2% of the vote. Fair! hahahaha
11) The media declared it a victory for the people of Vietnam. The new regime was recognized immediately by  France, the United States, Great Britain, Australia, New  Zealand, Italy, Japan, Thailand, and South Korea.
12)  The USA went to war to defend the fictional  government we chose, propped up and supported …  at the cost of 58,000 dead American boys. Vietnam is again unified. They won.



A little change of picture pace. Above is Dewi Sukarno, born Naoko Nemoto (February 1940), was a Japanese socialite and one of the wives of Indonesian leader Sukarno. She was 19 when she met Sukarno, who was 57. She liked to show off her body. I appreciate that. It’s rumored that Sukarno grabbed her pussy when they first met. But, it seems no one gave a rats ass about such things back then.

There are many criticisms that can be leveled against Sukarno.  He was a Nationalist, not crazy about capitalism, enacted economic policies that were communist in nature, and he sided with the Japs in WWII. Even some of his supporters considered him narcissistic and a megalomaniac. But this article isn’t about the pros/cons about any country, or leader.  It’s about whether or not the U.S. respects the rights of the people in other countries, especially in regards to elections. Indonesians, even to this day, view Sukarno as we do George Washington. Sukarno was the first elected President, a symbol of Independence and National Unity for Indonesia, and a principal founding father.

His government faced a significant hurdle towards unity. Indonesia had hundreds of parties during the first few years of Democracy. In the last election before his ouster, there were basically Four Major Parties which formed the majority of Parliament. One of the Four Parties was the Communist Party.  They finished fourth. The U.S. freaked out. And they fully supported in every way the brutal purgings that followed.

The following won’t convince anyone. But, in 2015 the International Court in Hague issued a 600 page report (started in 1965) which ruled that the U.S., Brits, and Aussies were complicit in Indonesia’s crimes against humanity in the 1965 coup.   Here

The U.S. also tried to overthrow the Indonesian government in 1958. A fairly detailed story can be found  here

———- –

CHILE (1973)

Leftists who were arrested following the coup against President Salvador Allende’s government are taken as prisoners in the National Stadium, Santiago, Chile, Sept. 1973. (AP Photo)

The same stadium that housed a World Cup a decade earlier was used as a prison. Maybe the US will do the same when FEMA camps open for buisiness?

U.S. involvement in Chilean politics started almost as soon as Chile became a nation in 1810.  See Wiki link here.

In the 1970 election, the United States waged a “spoiling” operation as Salvador Allende ran for the presidency. The United States organized campaigns to create political polarization, distrust of government, and financial panic. Propaganda was used to sow dissent between socialists and communists who might support Allende. A scare campaign warned that an Allende victory would bring violence and Stalinist repression.

Despite all that, Allende was elected president in 1970 by a plurality. President Richard M. Nixon declared the victory unacceptable and famously ordered U.S. operatives “to make the economy scream.” It did.

Many strikes happened. U.S. aid, $35 million in 1969, was reduced to $1.5 million in 1971. The CIA fabricated information. Then. one nice sunny day in Santiago, Chilean planes flew overhead, tanks moved through the streets, a curfew was imposed, and people began to disappear and die. Welcome to the murderous rule of Pinochet … where at least 3,000 were murdered, and 30,000 tortured. But, hey! At least he wasn’t a COMMIE! Right?

I include this story because the CIA, for once, admitted to its dirty dealings. Read about it here

———- –

RUSSIA (1991)

****** Absolutely. No. Commentary. Needed. ******

But, how about just one question? Where the fuck do we get off lecturing about Russia for 12 months now about election interference?? I’ll wait for a good answer. Wake me up in 10 years.

———— –


The Honduran military ousted democratically elected President Manuel Zelaya in a coup d’etat in 2009. The U.N. called it a coup. The OAS called it a coup. The European Union called it a coup. President Zelaya in a four page letter  to Obama asking for help, called it a coup. But, the Wicked Witch of the East (known by some as “Hillary”) decided to not call it a coup. She claimed that calling it a coup would have shut off aid to Honduras and hurt the poor people. She loves the plight of the poor.

(Actual photo of HRC on her way to work to help the poor.)

However, emails that she forgot to wipe showed that she was working furiously behind the scenes to thwart every single effort by all the surrounding democracies to restore Zelaya back in power. The Secretary Of Lies eventually told some truth, for even chronic liars can’t keep their stories straight forever; — “Zelaya had friends and allies, not just in Honduras, but in some of the neighboring countries, like Nicaragua and that we could have had a terrible civil war that would have been just terrifying in its loss of life.

In short, Creepy Cankles refused to support democracy, legitimized the coup government, looked the other way when the military brutally cracked down on dissent, and the coup de grâce to America was, and continues, to be a surge of illegal immigrants from that country.

=================================================== =

Of course, I left out several current and obvious examples. How many elections have we totally orchestrated in Afghanistan? Iraq? Those two countries might as well have an American puppet as their flag.  The clusterfuk in Ukraine wasn’t initiated by Russia, but by our own CIA because Ukraine’s duly elected president was spurning NATO overtures, while leaning towards Russia. We’re just dying (literally) to help the Syrian people elect the correct president. And, how long until we stick our noses in Venezuela’s elections?

Perhaps you were offended by what I wrote at the beginning of this article where I said we treat all nations like an outhouse. You might object by claiming ” everybody does likewise”. Well, I don’t have the time or resources to do a background check on every nation … but, I doubt that’s true. I watched the documentary “Borat”, and I was left with the impression that countries like Uzbekistan just don’t give a shit about such things.  Liechtenstein and at least 100 other small countries and island nations are just way to small, lacking the resources to pull it off. Size matters. This is a game only the really Big Dogs can, and do, play.

I don’t blame the American people. Many, if not most of us with an IQ above room temperature, are sick to death of this insanity. There is a Great Evil in our land. I lay full blame on the U.S. government and her enablers, the military-industrial complex.

It is true that power corrupts. When you combine the natural penchant of wickedness in the heart of humans with the fearsome power of modern technology (internet, spy satellites, massive surveillance, etc.) and add to that the ability to collate, separate, and almost instantly analyze trillions of bits of information, and thus put god-like power in the hands of an elite few (NSA, CIA, etc.) — then the power which corrupts just increases to Satanic levels, never before seen in human history. That, my friends, is what you’re seeing unfold before your very eyes.

Many (such as myself) pulled the lever labeled “Donald Trump” because one of his key campaign promises was to extricate the U.S. from this insanity of endless entanglements in the affairs of other nations. One year later, we are all still waiting for that particular promise to bear fruit. Meanwhile, talk of nuclear war has escalated to 1950s levels under the regime of Trumplethinskin.

Not that I excuse his narccistic, egomaniacal dictatorship, but given our 75 years of U.S. Deep Interference, can you at least understand why Kim The Rocketman is a tad bit paranoid?  If you were the leader of a country, would you trust America to not mess you up if you didn’t govern as America expected? I wouldn’t.

But, I store my greatest wrath for the government’s official mouthpiece, the MSM. ALL of them, from liberal (MSNBC/ to Conservative (Fox) to the Clinton News Network (CNN). They were supposed to be the vanguard of democracy by questioning what democracy does. Instead, they have become One Big Rubber Stamp … not questioning, but ass-kissing every single piece of propaganda the MIC sets before them. They have betrayed us, the people. If there is a God in heaven, I pray they meet a betrayers fate.

But, there is at least one good lesson to be learned from this Betrayal. My sister is a life-long, die-hard, Democrat. She is “with her” unflinchingly even to this day. Yet, even she rolls her eyes and changes the TV channel when the MSM-whores drone on about Russian interference. I don’t know of even one person who gives a damn anymore. Do you? Don’t the networks care that millions upon millions are sick of their lies?? Apparently, not.

And here is the lesson. The Evil starts, and ends, at the very top. It only takes One Man to heap misery upon billions. Be it Rodger Ailes at Fox, Jeff Zucker at CNN, Phil Griffin at MSNBC, or the George Soros’ of the world,  etc. I’m not a religious person but, I can now see how the world can be ruled by Just One, the Antichrist.

“The kings of the earth who committed fornication and lived luxuriously with her will weep and lament for her, when they see the smoke of her burning, standing at a distance for fear of her torment, saying, ‘Alas, alas, that great city Babylon, that mighty city! For in one hour your judgment has come.’”

Some equate Babylon with America. If that is true, while the merchants may weep ….. I won’t shed a single tear Will you?

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