Defiance Against Tyranny

by Becky Kress  on January 24, 2013

Throughout history we see example after example of people standing against tyrants. America is no exception. We fought the Revolutionary war to gain our freedom from a king who used the newfound wealth from the colonies to help fund his kingdom, all the while treating us like the redheaded step children. We threw off those shackles in defiance of tyranny. Thus began the great American Experiment. There was born the greatest nation in the world.

The second amendment is our greatest protection to help us guard against the infringement of the others. While progressives scream that we need fewer guns to be safe, nothing could be further from the truth. And once again, history bears us out. In every instance of tyrannical takeover, the first act of the invader has been to disarm its people. But you know that history. It has been spoken of innumerable times. We must admit that not every case of disarmament has been by a tyrant. There are also historic cases of nations taking guns from its citizens because they believed it would make them safer. And in every case, once again, they have been proven wrong. Post continues on Jan Morgan Media

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