China admits to existence of ‘cancer villages’ sprouting up due to extreme pollution, chemical exposure

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

On the heels of my own publication of articles questioning the integrity of “certified organic” when it comes to foods and superfoods produced in mainland China, a blockbuster report from China’s own environmental ministry slams another exclamation mark on the severity of the problem. For the first time in history, the Chinese government is now openly admitting that severe exposure to chemicals via water pollution, air pollution and environmental pollution is causing the rise of “cancer villages” across China.

Their report states:

Poisonous and harmful chemical materials have brought about many water and atmosphere emergencies… certain places are even seeing ‘cancer villages’… (Source)

It goes on to admit:

[China allows the use of] poisonous and harmful chemical products that are banned in developed countries and pose long-term or potential harm to human health and the ecology.

China is a nation being murdered by chemical pollution

China can no longer deny the truth that its nation, and its people, are being destroyed by toxic pollution. To appreciate the magnitude of this admission, you have to understand that China’s government is steeped in the practice of denial. All communist regimes are, of course, delusional at every level, but China has taken denial to a whole new depth of mastery with its longstanding insistence that environmental problems didn’t really exist. If a Chinese local saw a wave of bright green sludge pouring down a local river and they complained to the government, they were simply told it was caused by “overpopulation,” not by a factory dumping chemical sludge into the river.

Pollution? What pollution? Huh?

In reality, China has the worst pollution problems of any modern nation on our planet. It has allowed industry to explode at the cost of devastating environmental destruction. Virtually no environmental regulations are enforced. The air, water and food are all toxic. Ninety percent of the water supply to Chinese cities is severely contaminated, and forty percent of the nation’s rivers are extremely toxic.

This is how “cancer villages” appear, of course: People living in China eat the food grown in China. They breathe the air. They drink the water. And then they start mutating at the genetic level. This results in cancer, birth defects and untold human suffering. Continue reading @ Natural News

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