Supermarket Sadism: How to Navigate the Deadly Food Jungle


Source: The Daily Bell

August 12, 2018

By Peter De Boer

Let’s imagine the dangers of the ancient jungles and forests our ancestors once hunted and gathered in. Navigating deadly animals, poisonous plants and treacherous landscapes is risky business, no doubt!

Today, I think of the modern Supermarket as insidious as the deepest, darkest jungle. As I enter, the swing gates shut behind me. There is no turning back.

Immediately I see the fresh produce promising a natural food fix. Don’t be fooled, this only masks the lies that lurk within. Bagging up some irradiated apples I’m thrown into what appears to be an orgy of choice, isles upon isles. First I notice the packaging- Pavlov’s stimuli – so many brands, so much brilliant color all competing for my eyes, my gut, my wallet. This is the first real test, running the psychological gauntlet called the grocery aisle. What will I choose?

Expensive items sit at eye level. Cheap brands down below, forcing prostration. Cartoon Characters in the
cereal isle make eye contact with the children, luring them like strangers promising candy.

Finding the bakery I pick up a loaf and inspect the ingredients. All kinds of shit I don’t recognize. But this
is supposed to be bread. What the hell is E927? Its azodicarbonamide – shoe rubber. Oh.

Operation Clean Label

Food Cartels like Nestle are renaming the ingredients list to hide the truth from the 21st-century informed consumer. Instead of E320 Butylhydroxyanisole (promotes tumors), E910 L-cysteine (human & animal hair), E407 Carrageenan (cancer-causing), you’ll see Rosemary “Extract”, Yeast “Extract” and “Functional” Flour, respectively. Classic bait and switch – don’t be fooled.

As I exit the grocery isle labyrinth, my cart stocked with pristinely packaged slow-kill poison I reach the check-out isles. This is where the Supermarket hyper-targets the children. An infinite variety of sugary shit
sucks the attention from them like a vampire sucks blood.

With the children suddenly crippled with sugary lust, the magazine rack full of Tabloids distract the adults. The promise of cheap, low-class thrills gives way to insecurity and self loathing. Seeking comfort, I find a
temporary high in that perfectly placed estrogen mimicking, liver scarring Snickers candy bar. I deserve it.

The decisions I make at the Supermarket are epically important. Each dollar I spend is a vote. If I support obesity, cancer, heart disease, brain damage, diabetes and the torture of animals, by all means, I’ll buy factory farmed meat and processed foods from Nestle, General Mills, Pepsico, Tyson etc.

Or Maybe I should put my money where my mouth is. My life depends on it.

Supermarket products loaded with unnatural chemicals will not kill me on day one. But the slow build-up of those chemicals in my system will, over time, deteriorate my mental and physical abilities and decide my fate.

I reap what I sow.

Internal Body Hazards

Take This List to Your Kitchen Right Now, And Look Through Your Food

BISPHENOL-A (Estrogen mimic, reproductive and hormonal problems.) Avoid plastic lined canned foods, some plastic bottles.

ARTIFICAL FOOD COLORING/DYES (Neurological disorders) Read ingredient lists to avoid.

DIOXINS (Cancer, liver damage, birth defects, endocrine-immune disruption.) Read ingredient lists
to avoid.

ACRYLAMIDE (Carcinogen.) Avoid fried foods, snack chips, crackers, toasted cereals, cookies.

SODIUM ALUMINUM SULPHATE AND POTASSIUM ALUMINUM SULPHATE (Adverse reproductive, neurological, behavioral, developmental effects.) Read ingredient lists to avoid this toxin.

RECOMBINANT BOVINE GROWTH HORMONE (rBGH/rBST) (Breast, prostate and colon cancers) Choose rBGH-free dairy products.

SODIUM NITRATE/NITRITE (Multiple types of cancer.) Read ingredient lists to avoid.

BROMINATED VEGETABLE OIL (Reproductive and behavioral problems.) Read ingredient lists to avoid.

POLYCYCLIC AROMATIC HYDROCARBONS (Carcinogens.) Precook meat, finish over low flame.

HETEROCYCLICAMINE (Carcinogen.) Precook meat, finish over low flame.

GENETICALLY MODIFIED ORGANISMS (GMOs) (Found in about 70 percent of processed foods with
corn, soy, cottonseed, canola, and sugar beet-based ingredients. GMOs may cause organ damage, gastrointestinal and immune disorders, accelerated aging, and infertility.) They aren’t labeled, making them difficult to avoid in non-organic foods. Go organic!

ASPARTAME (NEUROTOXIN) Read ingredient lists to avoid.

More to Avoid:

Acesulfame potassium (Carcinogen)

Artificial Flavor (100’s possible chemicals)

Astaxanthin (Coal Tar)

Benzoic Acid (Inhibits Digestive Enzymes)

Butylated Hydroxyanisole/Butylated Hydroxytoluene (Carcinogen, Kidney/Liver Damage)

Canthaxanthin (Retinal Damage)

Carrageenan (Cancer)

Cupric Acid (Birth Defects, DNA Damage)

Emulsifiers (Gastrointestinal Damage)

Hydrogenated Oil

Magnesium Stearate (Immune System Damage)


Mono and Diglycerides

Monosodium Glutamate (Brain Damage)

Neotame (Neurotoxin)

Nitrates (Cancer)

Olestra (Anal Leakage)

Partially Hydrogenated Oil

Polysorbate 60, 65 and 80 (Infertility, Anaphylactic Shock)

Potassium Bromate (Cancer)

Potassium Sorbate (DNA Damage)

Saccharin (Cancer)

Sodium benzoate (Carcinogen)

Sucralose (Leukemia)

Sulfites (Behavioural Problems)

TBHQ (Cancer)

Titanium Oxide (Cancer)

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