Vaccines – Why You Shouldn’t Take Them

International Medical Council on Vaccination refutes vaccine propaganda with myth-busting report
To hear it from proponents of the vaccine industry, vaccines are based on rock-solid science that proves them to be completely safe and widely effective. These beliefs, however, are not factually based on real science but rather a persistent vaccine mythology that has been propagandized by the vaccine industry, medical practitioners and even governments which underwrite vaccine risks.
NaturalNews 2011 February 1

Blood on Their Hands: The World’s Slickest Con Job and a Stack of Deadly LIES…
Media stories about an occasional local outbreak of a disease, usually designed to promote as much fear as possible, never seem to balance their accounts with readily available statistics supporting the facts about childhood diseases in the U.S. 2010 November 4

The Great Swine Flu Boondoggle
The so-called great Swine flu pandemic is nothing more than a One World Government power grab, an effort at population control and a boondoggle designed to enrich big Pharma and its supporters.
Personal Liberty Digest 2009 October 5

Swine flu jab link to killer nerve disease: Leaked letter reveals concern of neurologists over 25 deaths in America
A warning that the new swine flu jab is linked to a deadly nerve disease has been sent by the Government to senior neurologists in a confidential letter.
Daily Mail 2009 August 15

Vaccination 101: Why vaccines are useless, inefficient and dangerous
One of the most reported topics of the last several months is the predicted pandemic of H1N1, also known as swine flu. Government bureaucrats from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) are almost gushing over the estimates of deaths to come from the disease.
Personal Liberty Digest 2009 September 21

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