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Where Does It End? New ‘Monarch’ Brain Device Approved for ADHD

Source: Truthstream Media

July 25, 2019

Aaron and Melissa Dykes

Here’s our latest video – an exclusive interview with Dr. Peter Breggin (as seen in our documentary ‘The Minds of Men’). 

We had the chance to visit Dr. Breggin in his home, where he explained his latest research on the dangers of ‘The Monarch’ (by the California-based firm Neurosigma [also the name of a butterfly]) a new neuro-electric brain interface device that has been approved by the FDA for the treatment of ADHD in children – opening up the device for use on a wide-array of symptoms and conditions.

The net result? The name Monarch implies a metamorphosis in those who use it. The potential dangers and effects on society have yet to manifest, but this strange new technology has now pierced new ground in the manipulation of the brain.

Find out more about Dr. Peter Breggin’s SPAC! – Stop the Psychiatric Abuse of Children campaign at his website www.breggin.com and consider how you might contribute to his efforts.

The Minds of Men [featuring Dr. Peter Breggin]:

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