Mind Control

Why You Can’t Stop Clicking

Source: Truthstream Media

December 1, 2019

Aaron and Melissa Dykes

“It used to be the only way to be subjected to continuous observation and behavior modification was to either be in an experiment, or you could join a cult, or you could be in an abusive relationship… and often the people who are in these situations do not realize what’s happening to them.”

Jaron Lanier, computer scientist at Microsoft Research; lead scientist for National Tele-Immersion Initiative @ Internet2 (as visiting scholar 1997-2001)

Nobody’s perfect, but if Silicon Valley is admitting that they are programming us, addicting us, and psychologically changing us as a society – then we’d better take notice and do what we can.

With that said, I know that our audience is already much more aware than the average. All of us are on here with a purpose, but it is worth understanding that we still get caught up in it.

Some of the best days in recent months have been those where we’ve stepped away from the screens to walk in the woods, go places, etc. Hopefully you’ve found time for that as well.

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