Bilderberg and the Digital New World Order

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New World Order
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New World Order
Trump vs. The Fed: America Sacrificed At The NWO Altar

Source: SHTFplan July 26, 2018 by Brandon Smith This report was originally published by Brandon Smith at There is a disconnect within the liberty movement over the notion of where to find the root source of globalism. A segment of people within the movement seem to think that the …

It’s Now or Never – The Fight for Freedom

Source: Wake Up World March 17, 2018 By Tim Bryant Why is today’s society the way it is? People will often argue that society has always been like this, and that this is its natural state, while others will listen to what they’re told or simply ignore discussion of the topic altogether, deeming …

How The 1984 ‘Orwellian State’ Has Been Growing For A Long Time

Source: collective Evolution February 17, 2018 Arjun Walia George Orwell’s 1984 is a classic book depicting a populace ruled by a political regime that persecutes individualism and independent critical thinking as “thought crimes” that must be enforced by the “thought police.” This party seeks power above all, and, through the propagandist …