Between The Lines This Week – September 21-27, 2014

Cost of Federal Regulations an Incomprehensible $1.863 Trillion
The average family, with an average income of $65,596, will “pay” $15,000 in regulatory costs, or about a quarter of the family’s income, buried in the prices of everything they consume.
The New American

Proud to be an American: What Should It Mean?
One hundred years ago, government hardly regulated and controlled any of the personal and commercial affairs of the American citizenry. Now, government’s hand intrudes into every corner of our private, business, and social affairs. Indeed, it is hard to find one area of our daily lives that does not pass through the interventionist sieve of state management, oversight, restriction, and command.
The Future of Freedom Foundation

Turning Americans into Snitches for the Police State
What’s wrong with community policing campaigns like DHS’ “See Something, Say Something” “is that these programs are not, in fact, making America any safer. Instead, they’re turning us into a legalistic, intolerant, squealing, bystander nation content to report a so-called violation to the cops and then turn a blind eye to the ensuing tragedies”.
Canada Free Press

Amid No Warming in 18 Years, “People’s Climate March” Ridiculed
Among other schemes ridiculed by experts, “People’s Climate March” organizers and partners, many of whom arrived on fossil-fuel guzzling buses or private jets, pushed for an end to fossil fuels (or a return to the stone ages, global poverty, and mass deaths), a United Nations-run “climate” regime to battle the “gas of life” carbon dioxide, and much more.
The New American

US launches air strikes inside Syria
The Obama administration’s claims to be engaged in a humanitarian operation to protect the persecuted minorities in Iraq or Syria are a macabre joke. The US invasion of Iraq in 2003 profoundly destabilised the country, resulted in hundreds of thousands of civilian deaths, forced millions into exile and stoked bitter sectarian tensions throughout the region. The three-year civil war in Syria, fomented and fuelled by the US and its allies, has produced another humanitarian catastrophe. The results of the latest military intervention will be no less disastrous. Thousands of civilians will die, millions more will be forced to flee, and what remains of Syria’s social and physical infrastructure will be left in ruins.
World Socialist Web Site

Mysterious Virus Spreading Across U.S. and Canada Primarily Affecting Vaccinated Children
Although there is no known vaccine for the virus, ironically a common theme has been discovered in those who have been infected…they have all been vaccinated.

Brainwashed Masses Support Mass Murder
The United States, that is to say its ruling plutocracy, is the ultimate guarantor of mass destruction and death.

The March of the Boobeiosie
The political establishment – masquerading as the sock puppet du jour – continues to find new “enemies” with which to terrorize Boobus Americanus into surrendering their lives, liberty, wealth, and intelligence in a “fight” that is intended to go on forever.

Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccines Gardasil and Cervarix: Dangerous and Unnecessary
Several states have or are considering making HPV vaccinations mandatory for teenagers and even preteens before they’re allowed to attend school. Not only are these vaccinations proving to be dangerous with horrendous side effects, but they are also unnecessary. The disease it supposedly protects against is rare, contagious only through sex, and usually heals with little or no treatment.
Global Research

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