Reality Zone Unfiltered News 2010 November 27-December 3

New York City is sending organ-harvesting vans with ambulances on 911 life-threatening emergency calls.  The idea is that, if the victim’s life cannot be saved, they can extract his organs for transplant to those in need of them. The pilot program is funded by the federal government.
Natural News 2010 Dec 3 (Cached)

US: TV special reveals that multi-national corporations are taking over local water supplies for profit and population control.
Infowars 2010 Dec 3 (Cached)

US: Amazon cuts Wikileaks from its Internet servers at the behest of Senator Lieberman. He says it was the right decision and “should set the standard for other companies.”
Business Insider 2010 Dec 2 (Cached)

US: Federal Reserve reveals that, in 2008, it made $9 trillion(!) in loans to banks, Wall Street firms, and manufacturing corporations. Many were from other countries. The Fed claims that the loans were all repaid. [Repayments of the old loans likely were made with money from new loans and credits. Former Treasury Secretary called this an “undisclosable event.”]
CNN Money Dec 1 (Cached)

Nigeria to charge Dick Cheney and Halliburton for bribing government officials with $180 million to win pipeline contracts. 23 company officials in Nigeria were arrested but released a few days later on bail. A warrant for Cheney’s arrest is to be issued through Interpol, but likely cannot be enforced.
Bloomberg 2010 Dec 1 (Cached)

US: In response to public indignation, TSA says it will make pat-down procedure less intrusive but now wants all Americans to be cleared by the government 72 hours before boarding a plane. Reportedly there are 750,000 people already on the FBI’s no-fly list.
Prison Planet 2010 Dec 1 (Cached)

US: Senate passes S. 510 Food-Safety Act that expands FDA power and burdens small farmers. However, the House is expected to reject it, not because it disapproves, but because the bill includes a new tax, and that, Constitutionally, is reserved for the House only. [So it is a technicality and a contest over turf. The issue of control over farming will be brought back by amendment to the bill or new legislation in the next session.]
Natural News 2010 Dec 1 (Cached)

California approves pesticide linked to cancer. It will be used primarily on strawberries, nut orchards, and in fresh-flower nurseries. Officials say that its toxicity is of little concern so long as they can use it “safely.” [Huh?]
Yahoo 2010 Dec 1 (Cached)

Climate-Change Summit in Cancun seeks to impose WWII-style rationing on developed countries and forced relocation of whole populations in the name of combating global warming.
Prison Planet 2010 Nov 30 (Cached)

Rulers and regulators, of course, are to be exempt from rationing. Watch their beachside fiesta here.
Watts Up With That 2010 Nov 30

US: Federal judge orders destruction of plantings of genetically modified sugar beets developed by Monsanto after ruling previously the U.S. Agriculture Department illegally approved the biotech crop. The court order requires that the seeds and their plants must be pulled from the ground. Monsanto has appealed the ruling.
Reuters 2010 Nov 30 (Cached)

US: Teacher bans students from bringing pens and pencils to class because they could be used for making weapons. Really!
InfoWars 2010 Nov 30 (Cached)

Farmed salmon from multi-national companies in Norway are escaping into natural waterways and destroying wild salmon populations across the world. This has been profitable to corporate fish farms but an economic blow to communities that depend on wild salmon.
Mercola 2010 Nov 30 (Cached)

Common gadgets like Wi-Fi, mobile and cordless phones, wireless games, and microwave ovens emit EMF (electro-magnetic frequencies) that could be damaging our brains. They are linked to depression, headaches and sleeping disabilities.
Daily Mail 2010 Nov 30 (Cached)

South Korea prepares evacuation centers and shelters located across the country (mostly in subways and car parks) and able to accommodate 20 million people. The government believes that massive attacks from North Korea are a realistic possibility.
NDTV 2010 Nov 30 (Cached)

US: Military veterans are suing the CIA for implanting electrodes in their brains without their consent. Records indicate that this may have been part of mind-control experiments.
Raw Story 2010 Nov 29 (Cached)

US: New army rifles use radio-controlled smart bullets that can kill people even if they have taken cover behind a wall or in a trench. Bullets are like small hand grenades and explode within inches of clearing the edge of the barrier.
DailyMail 2010 Nov 29 (Cached)

Ireland: Banks receives $89 billion bailout, boosting bank-stock prices. Citizens, however, are angry because they must pay the bill through high interest rates on bailout “loans”, reduction in retirement benefits, and higher prices. The banks’ senior bondholders (banks in other countries) will not have to share the losses. [The government’s Transport Minister, Noel Dempsey, said the EU-IMF credit line “has taken us out of the situation where we’re at the absolute mercy of the markets.” Exactly! The purpose of all bailouts is to prevent the free market from fixing the problem by allowing corrupt and mismanaged banks to fail.]
Yahoo 2010 Nov 29 (Cached)

US: Homeland Security now is placing TSA agents at bus stations – to protect us from “bad guys,” they say.
IntelHub 2010 Nov 29

Haiti: Election day is marred by fraud, violence, and destruction of polling places. Elites already are dividing the spoils. Bill Clinton is in charge of billions for the post-quake reconstruction project and is encouraging foreign investment. [That is code for privatization of essential resources by large corporations who acquire control, not by honest bidding, but backroom deals with politicians.]
AP 2010 Nov 29 (Cached)

Iran’s leader, Ahmadinejad, says Wikileaks  documents were not genuine but disinformation created by the U.S. government to look like they were leaked. Their purpose is to create divisions and suspicions among Arab countries.
DailyMail 2010 Nov 29 (Cached)

Wikileaks co-founder (who parted with the organization over policy issues) says Wikileaks is funded either by a corrupt organization or a government agency and that all leaks are intentional.
YouTube Posted 2010 Jul 29

Dubai’s officials say the city-state is hoping not to need another bailout and, to avoid that, it is considering selling off some of its assets and selling stocks in its state-run companies.
Yahoo 2010 Nov 28 (Cached)

California has approved cameras mounted on rear-view mirrors to track the behavior of drivers. The concept is being sold as a means of improving safety and monitoring teen-age drivers. [Don’t worry, it’s totally voluntary – for now.]
Sacramento Bee 2010 Nov 28 (Cached)

Harvard scientists reverse aging in mice by manipulating an enzyme called telomerase, which acts on chromosomes. That’s the good news. The bad news is that humans, unlike mice, naturally switch off the production of telomerase in adulthood, and it is feared by researchers that, if humans are given this enzyme, they would face a higher risk of cancer. Research will continue.
Guardian 2010 Nov 28 (Cached)

National Australia Bank’s computer failed on Wednesday causing millions of accounts to lose a month of previous transactions, including payments and account balances. Smaller banks, that depend on NAB to process their payments, also were crippled by the glitch. Commerce came to a standstill. [If it can happen, it will happen. Every family should have enough cash on hand to cover the purchase of a month’s necessities.]
SMH 2010 Nov 27 (Cached)

US: FBI admits it recruited young Islamic extremist into a bomb plot and helped him prepare. [They defend this action by claiming the man was a serious threat and they wanted to push him to the point where he could be arrested. Another possible explanation is that the government needs idiots like this to keep alive the public dread of terrorism.]
RawStory 2010 Nov 27 (Cached)

New Zealand man recovers from pneumonia, leukemia and a coma thanks to vitamin C. The hospital planned to remove him from life support and allow him to die, but his family insisted on high doses of intravenous vitamin C. It was a major battle because doctors had no faith in natural therapy, and vitamins are not part of the government prescribed medical plan.
3NewsNZ Posted 2010 Nov 27

US: Homeland Security shuts down 76 websites without a court order. [Most were selling counterfeit brand names or were suspected of copyright violations, but it is not the role of Homeland Security to police such things. It is only a matter of time before they begin closing down sites for politically unacceptable editorial policy. They will claim to be protecting against terrorism or sedition or hate speech or …]
RawStory Posted 2010 Nov 27 (Cached)

Iceland’s new constitution is to be drafted by ‘ordinary folk’. [This should be a doozie. We can imagine such popular provisions as a right to a job, health care, food, housing, heating oil, a college education, and early retirement. It is a populist exercise to divert attention from the cause of the banking crisis. The old constitution had nothing to do with the banking collapse and does not stand in the way of reform.]
SFGate Posted 2010 Nov 27 (Cached)


Reports and commentaries that look beyond the news to identify historical facts and trends that must be understood to place the news into perspective. This is our “think-tank” section that makes it possible to anticipate future events.

Report gives a glimpse at what is planned for the common man in the not-too-distant future. 3/4 of the population will live in cities because only the elites will have automobiles. [The report focuses on transportation and traffic issues but read between the lines and you will see that all aspects of daily life will be tightly controlled.]
Guardian 2010 Dec 2 (Cached)

Codex Alimentarius is a commission created through the United Nations seeking to establish itself as regulator of the world’s food supply, nutritional supplements, and drugs. It appears that Codex actually was established by Nazi war criminals with the support of multinational corporations.
Activist Post 2010 Nov 16 (Cached)

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