Reality Zone Unfiltered News 2010 September 18-24

Hornet’s nest of contention: In last week’s issue, we linked to a story relating to President Obama’s Executive Order #13544 that established a vastly expanded federal health-care bureaucracy. Now we are making a retraction – of sorts. Click here for the story behind the story.
2010 Sep 24 Unfiltered News


What in the World Are They Spraying!

Documentary on chemtrails aka Geoengineering

Saturday, Oct. 23, Atlanta, Georgia

Producers G. Edward Griffin, Mike Murphy, and Paul Wittenberger will be present. Limited seating.

(Information and reservations here)

UK: Three-year-olds being labeled by teachers as bigots; over 250,000 schoolchildren accused of racism. [No doubt this will lead to expanded government power to intervene in the home to monitor and structure politically correct social attitudes.]
Daily Mail 2010 Sep 23 (Cached)

US: Republican Party rides wave of backlash against Obama Administration. Campaign rhetoric is full of promises to trim government, reduce controls, regain prosperity, restore the Constitution, and “take back our country.” [Beware! This is the same old two-party ping-pong game that has been played for decades. Vote against the previous Party but don’t think too deeply about the replacement. Most of these so-called Constitutionalist politicians have voted against the Constitution at every turn throughout their careers. As Lenin once said: “Words are one thing. Actions another.” Judge Republicans and Democrats alike; not by their present words, but by their previous actions.]
Yahoo 2010 Sep 23 (Cached)

New York City midwives no longer can assist with home births. State law requires midwives to be approved by a hospital and an obstetrician (their competitors). The only hospital that was willing to work with midwives has closed its doors, so the medical monopoly now is complete.
Natural News 2010 Sep 23 (Cached)

US Congressman calls for government schools to promote the agenda of global warming (‘climate change’) and reduction of human population.
CNS 2010 Sep 22 (Cached)

Los Angeles County District Attorney Steve Cooley is prosecuting 8 City of Bell officials whose excessive salaries recently were exposed. They are accused of misappropriating more than $5.5 million. Excessive salaries are not a crime unless illegally obtained.
LA Times 2010 Sep 22 (Cached)

Ironically, Cooley, who is the leading candidate for California’s next Atty. General, also has an excessive salary and, according to those opposing his candidacy, is heavily funded in cash by attorneys who specialize in defending criminals.

Interpol wants to create a global response team composed of national and local police networks to fight the Internet “radicalization” of youth, which they claim could lead to terrorism. [They do not define radicalization, but we know they mean any opinion that challenges government authority. In other words, they want to close down websites such as this.]
UPI 2010 Sep 21 (Cached)

Charlie Munger, vice chairman of Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway Fund, told students at the University of Michigan that people who are in economic distress need to “suck it in and cope.” He said also that they should “thank God” for bank bailouts. [He failed to mention that his company received over $70 billion in bailout money – probably just slipped his mind.]
Rolling Stone 2010 Sep 21 (Cached)

US: House passes bill to drive American companies out of the Gulf, delay future drilling, increase dependency on foreign oil, implement climate-change legislation and youth education programs, and sign on to the Law-of-the-Sea Treaty, which gives control to the UN over America’s oceans, coasts, lakes, and rivers. Now it goes to the Senate, the last chance to stop it. [If you would like your Senator to vote against this bill, now is the time to figure out how to contact him.]
Boogai 2010 Sep 21 (Cached)

Obama supporter tells him, in a town-hall meeting, that she is “exhausted” defending him.  She says the middle class is being destroyed by his policies. [Let us hope that there are millions more like this who are waking up to the phony choice between Left and the Right.]
YouTube 2010 Sep 20

UK proposes that ALL employee pay be sent directly to the government so it can deduct taxes and then deposit what is left into employee bank accounts. [This would be one more step toward the ultimate goal of collectivists, which is a feudalist system in which the state becomes the employer, owner, and master of all citizens.]
CNBC 2010 Sep 20 (Cached)

US: The federal CDC releases a study claiming that vaccines with added mercury decrease the number of autism cases. This is contrary to the growing body of evidence that just the opposite is true. The research was conducted by parties with an interest in protecting vaccine use. This report explains how the data was skewed to produce this finding.
Age Of Autism 2010 Sep 20 (Cached)

Obama pulled funding for the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository, which is a blow to US nuclear power. No new plants have been built since 1979, and without adequate waste disposal, none are likely in the future. [One more stab to the heart of the American economy by her leaders.]
Telegraph 2010 Sep 20 (Cached)

UN Proposes a world tax of .005% on all financial transactions – to combat poverty and global warming, of course. [If the tax is implemented, it will grow over time until it will be a giant, global sales tax that will further crush the middle class in all formerly prosperous nations.]
Prison Planet 2010 Sep 19 (Cached)

California: Taxpayer advocate & whistleblower Richard Fine is released from prison after 18 months in coercive confinement. Many consider him a political prisoner because he sued LA County judges for accepting illegal payments and throwing cases in favor of the County. It is a mystery why the judge released him one day after saying he should remain imprisoned for 6 more months.
Full Disclosure Network 2010 Sep 19 (Cached)

UK: Scientists (under the influence of the pharmaceutical industry) recommend that women take low-dose Prozac “happy pills” to relieve PMS symptoms. [Impressive how clever Big Pharma is at creating new markets for its products. They will not stop until 100% of the population is on one or more prescription drugs for life.]
Daily Mail 2010 Sep 18 (Cached)

US: FDA is opposed to labels telling consumers which products are not genetically engineered – because it will ‘confuse’ the consumer.
RawStory 2010 Sep 18 (Cached)

AngloGold, Africa’s largest gold producer, is raising $1.37 billion to buy out its hedge contracts that require the selling of gold for less than market price. This is a huge expense to the company, but it expects to make it back plus much more by being free to sell its gold in the future at much higher prices than present. [These pros know what is ahead for the price of gold. It will go through the roof as national currencies fall through the floor.]
Bloomberg Posted 2010 Sep 18 (Cached)

European law passes that will require medicinal herbs to be put through testing identical to that required for new drugs. Because of the great expense of such testing, coupled with the fact that anything from nature cannot be patented, most medicinal herbs will disappear from the market. [This is a great victory for Big Pharma.]
GaiaHealth Posted 2010 Sep 18 (Cached)

Pennsylvania’s Homeland Security Agency employed an Israeli-based security firm to spy on activists who oppose the G-20, natural-gas drilling, and BP handling of the oil spill.
InfoWars Posted 2010 Sep 18 (Cached)

The makers of high fructose corn syrup want to change its name to “corn sugar” because of its bad reputation. [Some medical authorities believe that corn syrup stimulates appetite and causes a craving for more of the syrup-containing food – nice for profits but not so nice for health. Further, cancer cells love corn syrup.]
Mayer Eisenstein, MD Posted 2010 Sep 18 (Cached)

Gulf fishermen catch crabs soaked in oil (and possibly Corexit). Many of the crabs died before they could be processed. A biologist from the State Wildlife and Fisheries agreed to test the catch for oil and other toxicity but cancelled the appointment when he was told by his supervisor not to do it.
YouTube Posted 2010 Sep 18

US: Reporter says a Blackwater subsidiary company was hired by Monsanto to infiltrate activist groups that opposed the company’s GMO program.
AOLNews Posted 2010 Sep 18 (Cached)

Monsanto says it was only interested in monitoring local media reports and public information.
Monsanto Posted 2010 Sep 18



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Brace yourself before looking at this image! A pilot at low level has no control over his aircraft. It misses a crowd gathered for the air show and slams into four buildings. One can only imagine the horror of the occupants inside those buildings. Posted 2010 Sep 20 (Cached)

This parrot dances to the music of Ray Charles. Does the parrot parrot humans or do humans parrot parrots?
YouTube Posted 2010 Sep 22



Reports and commentaries that look beyond the news to identify historical facts and trends that must be understood to place the news into perspective. This is our “think-tank” section that makes it possible to anticipate future events.

Good advice for packing a Bug-Out Bag in case of emergency – and much more. 2010 Sep 22 (Cached)

US: 9/11 remains shrouded with unanswered questions. Here is newly obtained evidence that there were explosions and deaths in WTC Building 7 before either of the Twin Towers collapsed. [That means the damage that brought down Building 7 was not from the collapse of the twins, which is the official version.]
IntelHub 2010 Sep 14 (Cached)

9/11 Ground-Zero Mosque and fanatic Koran-burning pastor hog headlines on the 9th anniversary of 9/11. [Questions are raised about the true character and motive of Hisham Elzanaty, an Egyptian-born businessman who says he provided financing for the buildings where the center would be built. The issue was given so much coverage in mainstream media that it deflected attention away from unanswered questions about 9/11 itself or lawsuits by First Responders.]
F. William Engdahl 2010 Sep 14 (Cached)

Global land grab is underway in which multinational corporations and billionaire investors are buying up huge tracts of land in 3rd-World countries that have value for food production. Future control over food is expected to be more valuable than oil.
Telegraph 2010 Sep 12

Ironically, the UN World Bank and IMF force many countries to sell their land to multinational corporations to pay off debts.

“Democracy Is Not Freedom” This is an analysis of Democracy and Social Justice vs. a Republic that values individual rights and equal justice. Posted 2010 Sep 11 (Cached)

A rancher who lives on the Arizona/Mexican border tells it like it is and challenges policymakers to actually visit the area. Very powerful.
Our Border Posted 2010 Sep 9 (Cached)

Chinese laborers are worked to death, at a rate of 600,000 per year – Really!
YouTube 2010 Sep 9

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