Reality Zone Unfiltered News 2011 April 2-8

US: Federal legislators who refuse to increase the debt ceiling are being threatened with blame for causing the unthinkable shutdown of many government services as of midnight tonight. They will have to carry guilt for putting 800,000 federal workers on furlough, stopping funding for Planned Parenthood abortions, canceling tours of the Statue of Liberty, delaying pay to soldiers stationed in the Middle East, and even cancel the annual Cherry Blossom Parade. [It never occurs to these spenders to consider the nation’s ability to pay for the programs they launch. They assume that, once they are started, the public will not tolerate their elimination, even if it destroys the nation. So far, they have been right – but is there a change in the wind?]
DailyMail 2011 Apr 8 (Cached)

Japan suffers a 7.4 earthquake aftershock on Thursday that put another nuclear plant on emergency power to keep the fuel rods cool. There is no evidence of new radiation leaks.
NHK 2011 Apr 8 (Cached)

British constitutionalists engage in ‘lawful rebellion’ and try to arrest a judge who violates the law during trial of a tax case. This is a common-law right under the Magna Carta. The police refuse to support the protestors. This may be the beginning of a new tax revolt to rival the poll-tax riots of 1990.
InfoWars 2011 Apr 8 (Cached)

Genetically modified fungus that kills the malaria parasite is under development. It is sprayed on walls and bednets to be picked up by mosquitoes that carry the parasites. [The problem with all GM organisms is that the long-term effects are not known, and unanticipated damage to life and environment may be severe and irreversible.]
Yahoo 2011 Apr 7 (Cached)

Japanese journalist drives straight into the Fukushima nuclear-reactor evacuation zone. The area is eerily deserted except for a few animals. It is like a scene from a science-fiction apocalypse movie. His Geiger counter proves the severity of this disaster.
YouTube 2011 Apr 6

US: Senate votes to repeal the provision in ObamaCare that requires companies to report to the IRS all business transactions exceeding $600. The bill now goes to the White House. [This is good news, but the entire bill should be repealed. Unfortunately, there is no serious movement in that direction at the present time.]
C4L Apr 5 (Cached)

Japan: Radiation levels at damaged power plant are so high that measurement devices have been rendered useless.
NHK 2011 Apr 5 (Cached)

Tokyo Electric Power Company admits it knew that radiation in seawater was 7.5 million times above normal BEFORE it started dumping its radioactive water, which means it was seeping from ground sources. The Japanese fishing industry is dead and will remain so for many years. [Those who eat the fish may also be dead.]
ZeroHedge 2011 Apr 5 (Cached)

Japan sets limits to the amount of radiation permitted in fish, hoping this will instill public confidence that they will be safe to eat. Already some fish are exceeding those limits. India has halted food imports from Japan.
Yahoo 2011 Apr 5 (Cached)

US: Government reverses its former stance and now calls for phase-out of dental mercury amalgams. [This is good news for mercury-free dentistry, but ‘calling for’ and ‘requiring’ are not the same thing. The fact that dental mercury is still allowed at all shows that much has yet to be done.]
MercuryExposure 2011 Apr 5 (Cached)

Dentist speaks before the Costa Mesa, California, City Council and urges them to ban dental mercury. The city did so and made national headlines. This was partly responsible for the federal government’s reversal on this issue.
YouTube 2010 Oct 26

Ivory Coast leader, Gbagbo, is abandoned by his military and remains holed up in a bunker attempting to negotiate with the UN where he can obtain asylum.
Yahoo 2011 Apr 5 (Cached)

UK: Military and health officials urge doctors to use their positions of trust in society to build support for the myth of global warming by portraying it as a threat to health.
Guardian 2011 Apr 5 (Cached)

Jesse Ventura takes on mainstream news commentator, George Stephanopolous, about covert government operations, including 9/11 and the CIA Assassination Manual.  Jesse says he would like to be Ron Paul’s running mate in 2012.
YouTube 2011 Apr 4

Stop complaining and RUN FOR OFFICE.
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After the radioactive cloud emanating from Japan’s stricken Fukushima nuclear power plant reached Europe last week, French authorities detected radioactive iodine-131 in rainwater and milk.
EurActiv 2011 Apr 4 (Cached)

The Queen of England dissolves the Canadian Parliament for the third time in 3 years. [The Queen still has full power over her colony-states. Canada is not an independent nation.]
BLN 2011 Apr 4 (Cached)

Here is ‘how-to’ advice for long-term food storage. Be prepared for disruption of food availability. Better safe than sorry.
Ready Nutrition 2011 Apr 4

The Dalai Lama promotes the myth of global warming. [Incidentally, he is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.]
DNA 2011 Apr 2 (Cached)

Although the Dalai Lama claims the Tibetan glaciers are melting, the latest scientific data shows that many of them are stable, and half are actually growing.
Telegraph Posted 2011 Apr 2 (Cached)

US: Three forecasting scientists/professors testified before a congressional committee and reported that the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change violated 81% of standard forecasting procedures. They recommended that Congress terminate all funding for climate change regulations and research and stop funds for organizations that advocate the myth of global warming.
Digital Journal Posted 2011 Apr 2 (Cached)

China: Researchers have created genetically modified cattle that produce milk that is similar to human milk. They also are producing cloned cattle, but the offspring are unhealthy, and many die shortly after birth. [As usual, the lure of profits from patented food blinds GMO developers to the possibility of negative long-term consequences of their work.]
Telegraph 2011 Apr 2 (Cached)

US: ‘Concierge Medicine’ is a free-market program for those who are willing to pay more for better medical service than available from Obama Care. Collectivists are worried that this will produce inequality of care. [Since collectivists cannot raise the standard for everyone, they seek to lower the standard for all.]
Yahoo 2011 Apr 2 (Cached)

Woman in Phoenix, Arizona, films “dry rain” consisting of tiny particles falling from the sky. Watch closely and you will see them reflecting sunlight as they flutter to the ground. [Just prior to this, Phoenix had been the focus of intensive chemtrail activity.]
YouTube Posted 2011 Apr 2

Many governments take threat of bee-killing pesticides seriously. Bayer’s ‘neonicotinoid’ pesticide, believed to be the cause of honeybee die-off, has either been banned or limited in Germany, France and Slovenia. The UK is reconsidering it prior to approval. However, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency does nothing.
Grist Posted 2011 Apr 2 (Cached)

New Hampshire House of Representatives votes to end participation in regional cap-and-trade program. The Governor supports cap-and-trade because the state gets $12 million in federal handouts for it every year.
WattsUpWithThat Posted 2011 Apr 2 (Cached)

Ron Paul advocates competition in currency (by legalizing the use of gold & silver) and removing sales and capital gains taxes from the coins. He says the shortage of US minted coins forces people to use Federal Reserve Notes, and he wants an explanation for the shortage.
YouTube Posted 2011 Apr 2

Obama announces a plan for the federal government to buy up millions of acres of MORE land under the ‘Great Outdoors Initiative’. Children will be encouraged to participate in the name of helping the environment and fighting global warming. [The nation already staggers under the unbearable weight of deficit spending, and now this? But it is not really about money. It is about implementing the UN’s Agenda 21, designed to drive people off of rural lands and herd them into cities]
HumanEvents Posted 2011 Apr 2 (Cached)

California Air Resources Board (CARB) used false data to justify air pollution rules that will cripple truck deliveries and create massive unemployment and higher prices, thus adding further burden to the state and businesses.
YouTube Posted 2011 Apr 2


Reports and commentaries that look beyond the news to identify historical facts and trends that must be understood to place the news into perspective. This is our “think-tank” section that makes it possible to anticipate future events.

Organized Chaos. This is an excellent analysis of the extent to which the so-called spontaneous uprisings in the Middle East are influenced and even planned by key figures who are members of the American-based CFR.
New American 2011 Apr 4 (Cached)

Fat Head, a humorous and highly informative documentary says we have been fed a load of bologna about the movie, Super Size Me, and nearly everything we’ve been told about healthy eating is wrong. That’s quite a claim, but our bet is that, after viewing this program, you probably will agree. So, watch it here and, if you like it, support the film maker by purchasing a copy. [This program does not touch on the hazards of artificial hormones and antibiotics in meat and dairy products nor does it deal with inhumane treatment of animals in factory farms, but that is another story and does not negate the truth this program delivers about fraudulent claims against dietary fat and cholesterol.]
Hulu Posted 2011 Apr 1

US: Organic farmers file lawsuit against Monsanto, but this reporter says it may be designed to fail. [If so, this is another case of controlled opposition. The lawyers are funded by the Rockefellers and Soros.]
Rense 2011 Apr 1 (Cached)

“Extend and Pretend” is an excellent analysis of the bookkeeping tricks and rule-changing that tanked the US economy. You will learn how the mistakes and frauds of the past were hidden from view and why the worst is yet to come.
Financial Sense 2011 Mar 31 (Cached)

Kirk Elliot, PhD explains how food inflation is depleting savings and destroying the middle class. Here are the hard numbers.
API posted 2011 Mar 31

Alex Jones exposes Al-Qaeda as a tool of the New World Order. It’s role is to destabilize enemy governments and terrorize friendly into accepting totalitarian measures in the name of security. His evidence cannot be dismissed.
Prison Planet 2011 Mar 31 (Cached)

Genetically modified organisms now are found in 85% of processed foods.  Viruses are frequently used to splice genes together. GMOs are not tested and virtually unregulated in the US. Here are the facts you need to know.
Farmwars 2011 Mar 29 (Cached)

Middle East protests have been linked to Western influence and funding and is believed to be controlled opposition. If this is true, the international power elites will replace these toppled governments with new rulers who will do their bidding.
Activist Post 2011 Mar 25 (Cached)

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