Reality Zone Unfiltered News 2011 January 8-14

JP Morgan-Chase bank says its net income jumped 47% in the fourth quarter of 2010, and that executive salaries in their home-loan division tripled from $549 million to $1.8 billion since last year. CEO Jamie Dimon says that hurdles are high for investors who want to force banks to buy back bad loans, and this will be vigorously opposed in court.
Yahoo 2011 Jan 14 (Cached)

US: Treasury announces it will sell warrants it holds in Citigroup and 2 smaller banks to raise money to repay the $700 billion bailouts. It claims it will make $12 billion on its $45 billion bailout of Citigroup. [We are getting tired of having to repeat this warning, but it must be done: We don’t believe you can squeeze orange juice out of a rock. In spite of all the brave talk about economic recovery and improved profits, banks and other bailed out entities are not yet producing anywhere near sufficient real profit to repay the bailouts. The trick they have used in the past, working in partnership with the Federal Reserve, is to provide new bailouts, hidden from public view, to repay the old ones, thereby fooling the public into believing bailouts are acts of statesmanship. Eventually, all of this will be exposed but, by then, it will be too late to do anything about it.]
Yahoo 2011 Jan 14 (Cached)

US: A recent poll reported that Obama’s approval rating has soared to 77%. [Here’s how they produced that absurd figure: 44% like him as a person and also like his policies. 29% like him but oppose his policies. 2% like his policies but dislike him as a person. 19% dislike him and his policies. The reality, therefore, is that 75% like something about him (mostly his personality) but only 46% like his policies, which is the meaning of an approval rating. This is classic media spin.]
InfoZine 2011 Jan 14 (Cached)

Illinois raised its income-tax rate to 5% to pay off a $15 billion deficit. That’s a 66% increase. Neighboring states with lower taxes are gleefully anticipating the influx of businesses and jobs away from Illinois.
Yahoo 2011 Jan 13 (Cached)

AIG and the US government are working on a plan to sell $20 billion dollars of AIG stock to expand the company’s capital. This will reduce the value of existing shares, but it is hoped it will attract needed capital from investors. [As with previous moves to attract new capital into businesses that continue to lose money, we are skeptical. The standard game plan is for the Treasury and the Fed to covertly provide politically favored investors with new money or offer guarantees to cover the loss of old money so that, on the surface, it looks like the bailouts have been paid back. Watch closely. Can you tell which shell covers the peanut?]
MSNBC 2011 Jan 13 (Cached)

If you still believe that mass bird kills are caused by fireworks, flying into buildings, indigestion, or some other “official” explanation, here is a map showing global locations for 30 recent events. [Whatever the cause, it is happening world wide. See the article by Andrea Silverthorne in the Forum section, below, for reasons to suspect formaldehyde that forms from methane gas.]
Google 2011 Jan 13 (Cached)

US: Home foreclosures hit a record high of over 1 million in 2010. If not for the recent wave of court cases in which banks are prevented from foreclosure when they cannot document that they own the mortgage, the total could have exceeded 3 million. Currently, more than 5 million homeowners are at least 2 months behind in their payments. [Not to worry. Our leaders and media pundits have assured us that the economy has turned around.]
Yahoo 2011 Jan 13 (Cached)

Missouri has no problem with illegal immigrants because of common sense laws: English is the official language; police verify immigration status of those who are arrested; and illegal immigrants are not eligible for taxpayer-funded programs like food stamps, health care, and financial aid for education.
Ozark Sentinel posted 2011 Jan 12 (Cached)

Morgan-Chase bank in Cleveland told a homebuyer that the only way they were willing to modify his loan downward was for him to default on his payments, which he did. [Why would a bank advise default? Because it counts on moving the mortgage into a GSE (Government Sponsored Enterprise) such as Fanny Mae or Mac and thereby receive a subsidy on the revised loan. In other words, the banking game continues at the expense of taxpayers.]
ZeroHedge 2011 Jan 12 (Cached)

Philippines: Town mayor forces university to uproot a field of GMO eggplant. The reason is that the university failed to follow the law and take adequate steps to insure that the plants could not contaminate natural crops in the vicinity.
NaturalNews 2011 Jan 12 (Cached)

State of Virginia is considering establishing a committee to study whether it should adopt currency such as gold or silver should the Federal Reserve collapse. [This is a step in the right direction but strictly speaking, it is unconstitutional. Article 1 Section 10 of the Constitution says that states may not “coin money.” That is reserved to the federal government. States must allow only gold or silver coins to be legal tender (which means people are required by law to accept them), but they cannot issue legal tender coins themselves. They can manufacture their own coins and accept them in payment of taxes, but cannot make them the official money of the state that people must accept. So it gets murky. Let’s hope the committee will sort all this out and come to the conclusion that the state should issue silver and gold coins, encourage them to be used as money even though they are not required to do so. That would be ideal. No one needs to be forced to accept gold or silver.]
Market Oracle 2011 Jan 12 (Cached)

US: Housing market values have fallen 26% since their peak in June 2006, which is worse than the decline during the Great Depression from 1928 and 1933. [In spite of these grim statistics, this article insists that the economy is revving back to life. We shall see.]
CNBC 2011 Jan 11 (Cached)

US Court case discloses that military conducted mind-control experiments on 7800 Viet Nam veterans. They were subjected to nerve agents and psycho-active drugs (including LSD). Soldiers volunteered but were not told of the risks.
Alternet 2011 Jan 11 (Cached)

Obama’s presidential commission report on the Gulf gusher suggests the the US government should share responsibility. [That probably is correct, but there is more here than meets the eye. If the government shares responsibility, this will blunt the legal attack on BP and will save it billions of dollars in law suits. The government likely will have to pay at least half of the damages and most of the remediation costs. Taxpayers, once again, will be put through the ringer, while the people who were personally responsible for this disaster will not pay a dime or be punished in any way.]
DailyMail 2011 Jan 11 (Cached)

Obama is pushing for Internet ID overseen by the Department of Commerce – to protect your on-line identity, of course. It will be optional – for now. [If the public wants this, the private sector could and would provide it without government presence or access to the data base, but that is not what will happen.]
DailyMail 2011 Jan 10 (Cached)

Canada: Homeowner fined $5,200 for growing cucumbers in his basement. Authorities thought he was growing marijuana. Even though only cucumbers were found, the fine was levied to cover the cost of the search.
The Province 2011 Jan 10 (Cached)

Australia: Government is considering re-naming ‘climate change’ (already changed from ‘global warming’) to ‘climate challenges’. This is because most people no longer think that climate change is man-made, so the myth makers must find a more appealing phrase. [No matter how they sell it, at its core it is junk science leading to carbon tax.]
The Australian 2011 Jan 9 (Cached)

Massachusetts federal court voids bank seizure of 2 foreclosed homes because the banks failed to show they held the mortgages at the time of foreclosure. This is expected to have an enormous impact on other foreclosed homes in the past and in the future.
DailyMail 2011 Jan 8 (Cached)

US: While the Constitution is read on the House floor, a woman in the audience yells out that Obama has violated the Constitution because he is not ‘natural born citizen’ as required. She is removed.
Yahoo Posted 2011 Jan 8

Upcoming G20 meetings to discuss how rising food prices can be used as an excuse for passage of regional laws to increase government control over crops, farming methods, quotas, and prices. [Never let a good crisis go to waste. Instead of reducing government interference in the free market, which is the primary cause of food shortages, they are pushing ahead for more controls than ever. Collectivism always grows until it consumes everything.]
Reuters Posted 2011 Jan 8 (Cached)

China supplies most of the world’s honey and is notorious for using antibiotics to keep the bees “healthy” –  but the honey becomes contaminated, which is far from healthy for humans. Chinese honey is falsely labeled as from Taiwan, Indonesia or Malaysia to avoid tariffs.
Globe and Mail Posted 2011 Jan 8 (Cached)

Ron and Rand Paul plan to introduce a bill to cut the federal budget by $500 billion. Rand says that the government collects about $2 trillion, but spends $4 trillion. Ron advocates repealing the welfare warfare state.
Sad Hill Posted 2011 Jan 8

Greek doctor (Harvard graduate) tells how medical research is a “damned lie.” He says bad science is manipulated to skew data favorably toward drug manufacturers who fund the research. Up to half of all medical research is untrustworthy.
The Atlantic Posted 2011 Jan 8 (Cached)



Reports and commentaries that look beyond the news to identify historical facts and trends that must be understood to place the news into perspective. This is our “think-tank” section that makes it possible to anticipate future events.

Pulitzer Prize winner, David Johnston, explains how the rich get richer at your expense. It’s a system of subsidies and tax breaks for those with political influence. He says these mega-businesses should earn their money in the marketplace, not receive it as a gift, stolen from the middle class by their friends in politics.
The DailyBail posted 2011 Jan 13

The Arizona shooting has resulted in a media frenzy to vilify conservatives, Constitutionalists, Libertarians, the Tea Party, “divisive political rhetoric,” and gun-rights advocates. Like every other crisis in the present day, the event is being used to create public acceptance of yet more government power. This is an excellent overview.
NeitherCorp 2011 Jan 12 (Cached)

Globalism and the UN’s Agenda 21 are forbidden by the Bill of Rights and the American Constitution. Here is an excellent outline of how to restore America’s core value.
FreedomAdvocates 2011 Jan 12 (Cached)

Vaccine Court is an alternative to a real court and was established to shield drug companies from prosecution for vaccine injuries (like autism). Only small damages are granted, and those are charged to taxpayers, not Big Pharma. [Guess who lobbied for that.]
PPJ Gazette 2011 Jan 9 (Cached)

Here is a short video that is designed to condition people to accept and even approve being crammed into mega-cities with tightly controlled housing, transportation, education, job placement, and food choices. It’s pure propaganda for the UN’s Agenda 21 program that aims to remove most people from the country where they are hard to control and get them into mega-cities where they can be totally regimented. This REALLY is what is being planned for you.
YouTube 2011 Jan 4

Lockheed Martin, a military and aircraft production company, is the largest single recipient of US tax dollars. This author says that, like the largest banks, it has become too big to fail, which means its mistakes and corruption are always covered up by the government, and its losses are passed to the taxpayers. This is an eye-opening review.
Yahoo 2011 Jan 4 (Cached)

Alcohol is a fuel and can be distilled from plants that thrive in poor soil, don’t need much rain, and grow like weeds without cultivation. [If we could ever break our fixation on gasoline from oil, producing fuel from these sources could bring back economic prosperity and oil independence to the US.]
ActivistPost 2011 Jan 4 (Cached)

US: Local law enforcement increasingly is being brought under federal control primarily through offers of money from Washington. [Local police departments seldom resist a federal grant to help them hire more officers and purchase needed equipment; but, with the money, comes control.] 2010 Jan 3 (Cached)

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