The Deep State

Crown Scuttles Iran Deal, Killed Kennedy & Did 911

Source: Left Hook May 9, 2018 by Dean Henderson Yesterday’s announcement by Crown agent Donald Trump that the US would pull out of the Iran nuclear deal known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), is a disappointment for Iranian & American people alike, who share a strong historical …

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The TSA Is A Milgram Experiment

Source: The Corbett Report May 26, 2018 James Corbett Everybody’s least favorite homeland security goon squad, the Transportation Security Agency (TSA), is back in the news again this week, and for precisely the same reason as it always is: engaging in the degradation, humiliation, dehumanization and molestation of innocent people, …

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Senate Puts CIA Back on Torture Track

Photo by Poster Boy | CC BY 2.0 Source: counterpunch May 2, 2018 by John Laforge The new CIA Director, Ms. “Bloody Gina” Haspel, is the focus of much of the Senate Intelligence Committee’s 2014 torture report because she oversaw the waterboarding, etc. of at least two suspects — Abu …

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Brilliant Strategy Of Offering North Korea “The Libya Model” Somehow Falls Through

Source: Caitlin Johnstone Rogue Journalist May 25, 2018 Caitlin Johnstone Three days before President Trump announced him as the new National Security Advisor, deranged mutant death walrus John Bolton appeared on Radio Free Asia and said of negotiations with North Korea, “I think we should insist that if this meeting …

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Hell Hath No Fury Like Weather Geoengineering

Source: Natural Blaze May 24, 2018 By Catherine J. Frompovich During the last two weeks in the area where I live, SE Pennsylvania, we experienced an inordinate weather pattern that had everyone—bar none—talking about it and complaining how extraordinarily oppressive it was: Torrential rain daily with no let up, plus …

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In the Wake of Mass Shootings, Parents Reconsider Mass Schooling

Parents who remove their children from the confines of the conventional classroom are not running away from reality. They are running towards it. Source: Foundation for Economic Education May 21, 2018 by Kerry McDonald In the wake of recent tragic school shootings, anxious parents are contemplating homeschooling to protect their children. …

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The U.S. Government’s Missing $21 Trillion — Where It Went

Source: Washington’s Blog May 22, 2018 Eric Zuesse Here are key excerpts from the most concise, accurate, and clearest, news-reports about something that almost all U.S. news-media have been completely hiding (issuing no reports about, though the theft indisputably happened and grows each year) — a theft of $65,000 from …

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Health Care

Big Pharma vs. Natural Alternatives: The Agenda to Eradicate Competition

Source: Wake Up World May 22, 2018 By Ryan Cristián Everyone has the simple desire to find happiness within themselves — to find a state of well-being that can be carried throughout their lives. Sara is no different. Sara is a teacher who struggles with mental conditions for which she has been prescribed …

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How Democracy Ended

Source: Strategic Culture Foundation May 19, 2018 Eric ZUESSE What killed democracy was constant lying to the public, by politicians whose only way to win national public office is to represent the interests of the super-rich at the same time as the given politician publicly promises to represent the interests of the …

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Wikipedia Is An Establishment Psyop

Source: Caitlin Johnstone Rogue Journalist May 20, 2018 Caitlin Johnstone If you haven’t been living in a hole in a cave with both fingers plugged into your ears, you may have noticed that an awful lot of fuss gets made about Russian propaganda and disinformation these days. Mainstream media outlets …

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