Meet Xi Jinping, President For Life

Source: The Corbett Report March 25, 2018 James Corbett As you might have heard by now, Chinese President Xi Jinping has just appointed himself God Emperor For Life. Or, in Chinese Communist Party-ese: “The term of office of the State Council is the same as that of the National People’s …

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Wireless Technology: Understanding Its Effects

Source: Activist Post March 24, 2018 By Catherine J. Frompovich Wireless technology literally has overtaken our world!  There are more cell phones than there are humans on Planet Earth!  Humans are bombarded with quintillion more frequencies today than we were only ten years ago! Humans are electromagnetic beings, a fact …

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After Increasing Nat’l Debt a TRILLION in 6 Months, US Gov’t Just Gave Themselves a Massive Raise

Only hours after receiving a massive 2,200 page, $1.3 trillion dollar spending bill, both the House and the Senate voted to pass it. Why? Because it gives them all raises. Source: The Free Thought Project March 23, 2018 By Matt Agorist Washington, D.C. — This week, the US Congress passed the …

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War of Drugs

Before US Troops Protected Poppies In Afghanistan, There was No Opioid Epidemic in America

While the United States controls more than 90 percent of the world’s opium supply in Afghanistan, the rate of Americans who are addicted to heroin and who have died from drug overdoses has skyrocketed. Source: The Free Thought Project March 25, 2018 By Rachel Blevins The Afghanistan War is the …

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7 Reasons Why Transhumanism is the Greatest Threat to the Human Race

Source: New Paradigm by Paul A Philips 7 Reasons Why Transhumanism is the Greatest Threat to the Human Race -by Paul A Philips A number of people see transhumanism and artificial intelligence as a way of “upgrading” humans, rather like a software program needing improvement. Some proponents go as far …

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Regime Change

The ICC Plays Scripted Role in Regime Change Plot Against Venezuela

United Nations U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley, right, listens as Organization of American States Secretary General Luis Almargo speaks during a U.N. meeting on human rights in Venezuela, Nov. 13, 2017 at U.N. headquarters. (AP/Bebeto Matthews) When it comes to Venezuela, we should be wary of hyperbole and exaggeration, bearing in …

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Crimes Against Humanity

Over 100 Children Accuse UN Peacekeepers of Rape — Not a Single Soldier Charged

Source: The Free Thought Project January 8, 2017 by John Vibes It was recently reported that UN peacekeepers will not be charged for sex crimes against children that they allegedly violated while they were stationed in the Central African Republic. The French Government investigated the French soldiers who were accused …

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Surveillance State

Police facial recognition smartphones will be used to create secret watchlists

Source: MassPrivateI March 22, 2018 mapi A company called Dataworks Plus has developed a portable facial and fingerprint biometric scanner for law enforcement. The ‘Evolution’ is a portable facial and fingerprint smartphone that police can use to identify everyone. “It is multi-modal and can capture fingerprint and facial images and …

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War Crimes

Trump Touts $12.5B Saudi Arms Sale as US Support for Yemen War Literally Fuels Atrocities

Photo by Felton Davis | CC BY 2.0 Source: counterpunch March 23, 2018 by Brett Wilkins For the second time in as many years, President Donald Trump welcomed Saudi Arabian Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, second-in-command to one of the world’s most repressive dictators, to the White House. Trump used Tuesday’s visit …

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5 Privacies You Didn’t Know You Lost

Source: The Corbett Report March 23, 2018 James Corbett We all know that privacy is a thing of the past, right? Pfff. The government spying on everyone? That’s yesterday’s news. But if you think you’ve heard it all when it comes to the obtrusive police state panopticon, you’ve got another …

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