We Are Being Lied To About Yet Another Middle Eastern Country By Yet Another US President

Source: Caitlin Johnstone Rogue Journalist May 9, 2018 Caitlin Johnstone Do you know who the single biggest donor was to any candidate in the 2016 presidential race? Hillary Clinton’s massive $1.2 billion losing campaign budget might make you think that it was one of the many, many powerful influencers who …

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We’re All Trespassers Now in the Face of the Government’s Land Grabs

Source: The Rutherford Institute May 8, 2018 By John W. Whitehead “No power on earth has a right to take our property from us without our consent.” — John Jay, first Chief Justice of the United States We have no real property rights. Think about it. That house you live …

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Japan’s Stealth Army

Source: The Corbett Report May 6, 2018 James Corbett Last month, while everyone was distracted by other events, the Japanese government did something rather remarkable: They activated a marine unit. Specifically, the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force activated a 1,500-man unit known as the Amphibious Rapid Deployment Brigade. The occasion was …

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Why You Should Celebrate Loudly And Unapologetically When John McCain Dies

Source: Caitlin Johnstone Rogue Journalist May 8, 2018 Caitlin Johnstone Arizona Senator and murderous psychopath John McCain is rumored to be at death’s door, and already the world is being admonished by high-profile empire loyalists not to voice any criticism of his blood-saturated, obnoxiously long career. “Anti-McCain twitter seems to …

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Mental Slavery

Willing Slaves

Source: Washington’s Blog May 6, 2018 Eric Zuesse Willing believers in lies are willing slaves, because lies are coercion of the mind, as opposed to coercion of the body (slavery by physical violence instead of by mental violence, which is called “lies”); and anyone who willingly complies with any type …

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Surveillance State

The FDA has approved the first digital pill

Source: Privacy Watch May 4, 2018 by Isabelle Z. It’s every thinking person’s worst nightmare: A digital pill. The prospect of ingesting risky pharmaceuticals combined with tracking microchips that transmit biological data from your body might sound like something we won’t need to worry about for a long time, but …

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The Great Psychiatry Fraud

Source: New Paradigm by Jon Rappoport Warning: Suddenly withdrawing from psychiatric drugs can be very dangerous, even life-threatening. Withdrawal should be done gradually, supervised by a caring professional who knows what he’s doing. See On the heels of my article celebrating the work of Dr. Peter Breggin, a hero who has exposed the …

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The Deep State

Deep Fakes Versus Deep State: What to Do When You Can’t Tell What’s Real

Source: The Daily Bell May 3, 2018 By Joe Jarvis The arms race has started: deep fakes versus tech that exposes them. The only problem is that the technology that will supposedly tell us what is real and what is not… was created by DARPA. DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects …

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Atlantic Council Explains Why We Need To Be Propagandized For Our Own Good

Source: Caitlin Johnstone Rogue Journalist May 4, 2018 Caitlin Johnstone I sometimes try to get establishment loyalists to explain to me exactly why we’re all meant to be terrified of this “Russian propaganda” thing they keep carrying on about. What is the threat, specifically? That it makes the public less …

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4 Ways the Crime Lab Can Frame You

Source: The Corbett Report May 4, 2018 James Corbett Television has taught us that the crack CSI experts and their state-of-the-art technology can solve any crime through the power of science. In reality, more often than not the crime-detection technology of the past has turned out to be pseudoscience at …

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