War Crimes

Yet Another Senseless Mass Killing: Women and Children Among 25 Dead

Source: AntiMedia March 1, 2018 by Carey Wedler This week, 25 people were slaughtered in yet another mass killing, and half of those deaths were women and children. But you won’t see these murders broadcast relentlessly on CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, nor discussed at length in social media threads. That’s because the …

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2nd Amendment

No Explanations Needed to Exercise Our Right to Keep and Bear Arms

Source: Tenth Amendment Center February 23, 2018 TJ Martinell Do we have to justify our rights? In response to one of my Second Amendment articles posted on the Tenth Amendment Center’s Facebook page, some commenters asked: “What is your position on school shootings,” and “How do we stop kids from …

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Surveillance State

Rental cars to use facial recognition to spy on your vacation

Image credit: IDEMIA Source: MassPrivateI March 1, 2018 by mapi Five days ago, IDEMIA announced their plan to install facial recognition cameras in rental vehicles. IDEMIA and Omoove are combining forces to spy on car renters everywhere. “You will never rent a car the same way thanks to EasyOpen solution that combines …

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War of Drugs

Trump’s Flawed Belief That The Death Penalty Can Win The Drug War

Source: Activist Post March 1, 2018 By Brian Saady This week, Axios released a story revealing that President Trump privately supports the theory that imposing the death penalty upon drug traffickers will help reduce the demand for illegal drugs. This belief is flawed in several ways, but it was apparently …

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Breeding Obedient Sheeple; The China Syndrome Cometh

Source: APlaneTruth February 26, 2018 China is setting up a system of ‘social credit’ to rate the trustworthiness of its citizens. Scores are assigned according to police, banking, employment, and social media records. Money loans, travel, educational opportunities will only be available to people with good ratings. People and companies …

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Crimes Against Humanity

Has So-Called ‘Humanitarian Aid’ Become a Euphemism for Oppression?

Top Photo | A sign in Haiti depicts a United Nations Peacekeeper in the form of a monster. (Photo: Ramon Espinosa/AP) A terminal lack of transparency combined with the massive power imbalance in aid work is causing an endless repetition of financial and sexual abuse by members of charities that …

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Liberty is Meaningless without Responsibility

Liberty and responsibility are inseparable. Source: Foundation for Economic Education February 27, 2018 by Tyler Brandt What does a free society look like to you? Is it an anarcho-capitalist utopia where individuals are free to shoot fully-automatic AK-47s at their 1040 EZs in their private marijuana fields? Is it a harmonious …

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Pentagon Just Pledged Millions to Pay Media Companies to Wage a Massive Information War

Source: The Daily Sheeple February 27, 2018 Matt Agorist In 2016, using the cover of the holidays and distracted attention, President Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act into law — just two days before many Americans celebrated Christmas — likely due to the ominously Orwellian language it used that …

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7 Reasons to Shut Down Public Schools Immediately and Permanently

Source: The Daily Bell February 22, 2018 By Joe Jarvis Students plan to walk out of schools to protest gun violence. They say they won’t return until lawmakers do something to address school shootings. The students should walk out and never return. Being sitting ducks for gun violence is one …

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Venezuela’s New Cryptocurrency Is A Scam

Source: The Corbett Report February 25, 2018 James Corbett A perfectly predictable thing happened when the Great Oil Price Plunge of 2014 pulled the rug out from Venezuela’s oilconomy: Foreign creditors stopped lending to Venezuela, the debt-saddled government devalued the currency to cover budget deficits, inflation spiraled out of control …

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