False Flag Operations

Pearl Harbor: Hawaii Was Surprised; FDR Was Not

by James Perlof The New American On Sunday, December 7, 1941, Japan launched a sneak attack on the U.S. Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor, shattering the peace of a beautiful Hawaiian morning and leaving much of the fleet broken and burning. The destruction and death that the Japanese military visited …

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Thanksgiving: Celebrating the Birth of American Free Enterprise

By Richard Ebeling This time of the year, whether in good economic times or bad, is when Americans gather with their families and friends and enjoy a Thanksgiving meal together. It marks a remembrance of those early Pilgrim Fathers who crossed the uncharted ocean from Europe to make a …

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Geoengineering / Solar Radiation Management / Drought

What if there were a monumental environmental threat that you didn’t even know was happening? What if you found out it is affecting your health and that of people you know and love? What if you knew it was such an enormous problem that it has the potential to destroy …

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ISIS Is Being Aimed At The West By Globalists – Here’s What We Can Do About It

By Brandon Smith Over the past year and a half, I have been writing on the engineered nature of ISIS, delving deeply into its history and its backing by Western intelligence agencies in articles such as “Is Martial Law Justified If ISIS Attacks?” as well as “What Will You …

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Climate Change

Climate Alarmists Demand Wartime Austerity, Rationing, Controls

by  William F. Jasper The New American Global-warming alarmists are turning up the heated rhetoric as the UN’s Paris “Climate Summit” approaches, claiming that the supposed “crisis” of global warming is “the equivalent of war,” even though there has been no measurable warming of the planet for the past nearly …

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Dear Fellow Americans: Do You Have Any Idea What’s Being Done In Your Name In Syria?

by WashingtonsBlog Washington’s Blog Americans have some vague understanding that the U.S. wants Syria’s Assad to go, while Russia wants him to stay. And Americans know that the U.S. “war against ISIS” hasn’t done much, while the Russians have been pounding Syrian targets with jets. But Americans have no idea …

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Climate Change

NASA Study Showing Massive Ice Growth Debunks UN Claims

by Alex Newman The New American Apparently the science surrounding alleged anthropogenic (man-made) global warming (AGW) is not really so settled after all. In a barely noticed statement released last week, NASA dropped the equivalent of a nuclear bomb on the United Nations’ climate-alarmism machine, noting that ice across Antarctica …

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Human Experimentation

Declassified 1952 Footage of the U.S. Navy’s Plans for “Offensive Biological and Chemical Warfare” is Released

by Michael Krieger Liberty Blitzkrieg         Earlier this year, I published a post titled, Conspiracy Fact – How the Government Conducted 239 Secret Bioweapon Experiments on the American People. Here are a few excerpts: It all began in late September of 1950, when over a few days, a …

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The Truth About Immigration and Welfare

One of the most controversial questions in the discussion of both legal and illegal immigrants has been around their consumption of welfare. A recent independently verified report from the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) has answered that question – and the results are incredibly shocking. The report by Dr. Steven …

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New Obama Terror Czar Will Target Conservatives, Christians

by Alex Newman The New American The Obama administration’s increasingly controversial Justice Department, in partnership with the ultra-leftist Southern Poverty Law Center, announced the creation of a new czar position to focus on “domestic terrorism” — especially the alleged threat from Christians and Americans with “anti-government” views. While ostensibly created to …

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