Why I Hate Flying in America…

Here’s our latest video. The incident happened a little over a month ago on our way over to the UK for our most recent filming trip, but goes to show how degraded America has become in terms of the respect the system shows the people.

Things are really pretty unsettling, and frankly, for all the pros and cons of other systems around the world, this sort of this was not taking place there…

Aaron here. I convinced Mel to put this video up, even though she was a bit embarrassed and had mixed emotions about it. It was recorded in the immediate aftermath of her incident with TSA; her emotions were raw, but it is important because this is what’s happening, and continues to happen on a daily basis. We are all treated, preemptively, with suspicion, and treated as criminals. Basic rights and basic human dignity are systematically overlooked – and seemingly all of these ‘public authoritays’ have accepted their power to treat members of the public however they wish – with no apologies. Meanwhile, We the People have become accustomed to, and just accepted this permanent police state presence, and yet, people are being abused on a daily basis. Just as Mel said, we are all being collectively punished for the crimes of a few, now a long time ago. They don’t do this overseas in other places, though many are still trying to catch up.

Source: Truthstream Media

January 9, 2019

Aaron and Melissa Dykes

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