I Watch The Super Bowl Commercials (So You Don’t Have To!)

Another Stupor Bowl has come and gone to dazzle the masses and, as many already know, the commercials are where many of the big propaganda themes for the year are introduced. So this year, video editor Broc West introduces some of the worst ones to me for my take on the cavalcade of conditioning. That’s right, in this edition of #PropagandaWatch you can literally watch me watching propaganda in real time! Ain’t the internet grand?

Source: The Corbett Report

February 8, 2019

James Corbett

COMMERCIAL #1 – TurboTax Live 2019 Super Bowl Commercial “RoboChild”

COMMERCIAL #2 – Mapping the future of our forests with Microsoft AI

COMMERCIAL #3 – SimpliSafe: “Fear Is Everywhere”

COMMERCIAL #4 – Not Everything Makes the Cut – Amazon

COMMERCIAL #5 – Washington Post Super Bowl message: Democracy Dies in Darkness

The Question Concerning Technology

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