AnyVision’s facial recognition cameras are being installed in ‘smart cities’ everywhere

Surveillance State

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February 20, 2018


Everywhere you turn politicians and corporations are trying to convince the public we need to convert our cities into ‘smart cities’.

Last week AnyVision and Nvidia announced that they are working together to put facial recognition cameras in cities across the globe.

“Nvidia has partnered with AI developer AnyVision to create facial recognition technology for ‘smart cities’ around the world. The two companies will work to install automatic facial recognition into CCTV (closed-circuit television) surveillance cameras”. 

AnyVision is an Israel-based company that profits from spying on everyone.

Five months ago, I warned everyone that Nvidia also wants to turn police vehicles into 360 degree facial recognition platforms.

Facial recognition cameras are being used to spy on everyone.

Facial recognition cameras identify marathon runners in real-time

AnyVision claims their facial recognition technology can detect, track and recognize any person of interest with more than 99% accuracy. Their video also claims they can identify marathon runners in real-time.

Soon nowhere will be safe from law enforcement’s prying eyes.

“AnyVision utilizes Nvidia hardware to achieve high-speed, real-time face recognition from surveillance video streams. Our system is highly optimized for GPU acceleration allowing us to deliver real-time analysis of streaming data whilst achieving unprecedented accuracy.”

Mashable asks “is this technology terrifying, and possibly everything Orwell warned us about?  Absolutely”.

Nearly a year ago, I warned everyone that ‘smart cities’ are being run by the CIA, DHS and the NDOT.

But it gets worse; law enforcement is using private companies to do an end-run around our Bill of Rights.

Companies like Phillips LightingSiemens, IntellistreetsShotPoint and ShotSpotter are all working together to install facial recognition cameras and microphones in every city in America.

Don’t be fooled, ‘smart cities’ are really just a euphemism for total control.

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