Businesses will use facial biometrics to create their own watch lists

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Surveillance State

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May 1, 2018


All across the country businesses are being encouraged to use facial recognition to identify everyone.

Companies like DeepCam, have been been secretly working for three years, to create a facial recognition customer watch list system.

How will DeepCam transform retail loss prevention?

DeepCam’s selling points are instant recognition of bad actors and much more.

“DeepCam recognizes biometric signatures and suspicious behaviors so you can respond the moment bad actors walk through the door.”

Soon businesses will use DeepCam’s ‘recommendation engine’ to identify customers before they have stepped inside their store.

But DeepCam does much more than just identify customers.

Stores encouraged to create their own watch lists

image credit: DeepCam


DeepCam’s facial recognition cameras can identify which store customers went to previously and when. They can also notify businesses when bad actors enter their store.

In other words, DeepCam will allow businesses to create their own watch lists.

DeepCam boasts that businesses can use their cameras to take ‘time-stamped entry and exit images of visitor histories like their age, gender and much more‘.

image credit: DeepCam


DeepCam will allow any business to ban customers from entering other stores.

“DeepCam uses three proprietary technologies: Match — biometric identification for large populations; Index — cross-camera event association; and Advise — behavior analytics. Multi-location businesses also benefit from the DeepCam Network, allowing every location to use loss prevention intelligence from its affiliated locations. When a criminal is identified at one store, and they decide to hit another location, the personnel at the new location are notified and can act.”

How will this affect you?

Imagine every store in a shopping mall or plaza is connected to DeepCam. Now imagine a store singling you out for suspicious activity or possible shoplifting. Now imagine that store notifying every store in the mall, care to guess what happens next?

Does any of this sound familiar?

Major league sports teams have already begun using facial recognition to identify fans.

Last year I warned everyone that the NHL and the Ladies Professional Golf Association was using facial recognition to identify their fans. And earlier this year, I warned everyone that all the major sports leagues have begun using facial recognition. American sports teams are being encouraged to create their own watch lists to limit their liability.

Since 9/11 DHS’s ‘See Something Say Something’ program has succeeded in creating a network of Fusion Center watch lists. But over the next few years I predict, private business watch lists will make that look like a drop in the bucket.

America is fast on its way to becoming the land of the secret Watch List!

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