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Fast food restaurants to use facial recognition to spy on customers

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Imagine in the not too distant future you and your family stop at a Jack In The Box for lunch. Much to your surprise, you notice there is no one behind the counter to take your order.

How will they take your order you ask?

Don’t worry, Big Brother has you covered.

In the not too distant future, customers will have the pleasure of experiencing corporate spying in a disturbing new way.

Fast food restaurants want customers to use facial recognition kiosks to place their orders.

A company called BiteKiosk (Bite) wants fast food restaurants to use their self-service facial recognition kiosks.

“Bite recognizes each guest, and identifies whether it’s their 1st or 10th time visiting. There’s no barcode to scan or app to download.”

Fast food restaurants claim that they will make more money by replacing staff with self-service facial recognition kiosks.

“As we see the rising costs of labor, it just makes sense” to consider adding new automated technology, CEO Leonard Comma said Tuesday at the ICR Conference.

Are other fast food chains following Jack In The Box’s lead?

According to an article in the Business Insider, McDonald’s and Wendy’s are also considering using self-service kiosks.

Why would customers allow private corporations to use facial recognition?

Customers offered discounts for facial recognition

An article in the The Spoon, claims that restaurants will use customer loyalty programs and discounts to encourage people to use Bite’s facial recognition kiosks.

“Bite’s tablet kiosks can recognize your face to unlock loyalty programs, bring up food preferences and provide opportunities for restaurants to upsell.”

So what they are really saying is, if customers want discounts they must to agree to let corporations use facial recognition.

The Spoon warns that restaurants, will build a database of everyone’s eating habits and each restaurant will be able to change their menus based on what they eat.

How’s that for creepy?

The Spoon also claims that CaliBurger, UFood Grill and Malibu Poke will begin using Bite’s facial recognition kiosks.

Bite says privacy and security are at the top of their minds and claims all their data is encrypted.

If you believe restaurants won’t use this data to create a huge database of everyone’s eating habits I have a famous bridge in a desert I would like to sell you.

Last year, I warned everyone that DHS/cop run ‘Blue Line Technology’ was installing facial recognition cameras in retail stores.

Imagine insurance companies using all this data to raise or lower a person’s rates based on where they shop and what they eat. Imagine a restaurant banning people from entering because they left a bad review.

If you doubt it will happen please read my article about the NHL using facial recognition to create watch lists of fans.

Imagine DHS and law enforcement using this data to create a detailed history of every American.

Are you beginning to see the problem?

America has a long history of using private actors to circumvent our Bill of Rights but allowing private corporations to create their own facial recognition databases will have far-reaching implications.

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