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NYC Officials Won’t Say What These Mystery Towers Are For

Source: Truthstream Media

October 13, 2017

Aaron Dykes

Nor, will they say what data they are collecting on everyone who crosses into or out of the big city. With these towers, privacy doesn’t exist… is that the big secret?

According to CBS2 in New York, facial recognition software may have been installed into new pylon towers, along with advanced cameras and radiation detectors, equipment used to track toll charges and all vehicles crossing bridges or tunnels in New York.

These features are evident, but not confirmed, by the Metropolitan Transportation Agency in New York, in large part due to the murky relationship with Homeland Security, who considers it a major security installation:

Mysterious metal towers are popping up at local tunnels, and soon they’ll start appearing at bridges, too.

But even people on the MTA board in charge of the towers can’t say why they’re being used or what’s in them, CBS2’s Dave Carlin reports.


“We don’t really know what’s the purpose of this,” he told Carlin.

It’s a $100 million MTA project shrouded in secrecy, with 18 of them for tunnels and bridges. So what are they exactly?

Lhota: “The base of these new pieces that are going up include whatever fiber optics are necessary for those Homeland Security items.”

In other words, anti-terror technology. Could that one day include facial recognition? We don’t know and Lhota won’t say.

“I’m not at liberty to discuss that,” he told Carlin.

Whatever technology it contains, it is clear that the details are sensitive and secret.

But the faces and activities of everyone in the public will be monitored and tracked on a new level.

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