The future of mobile drivers licenses: Massive profits and loyalty rewards

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image credit: NBC News

Source: MassPrivateI

August 30, 2018


For years the mainstream media (MSM) has been pushing Mobile Drivers Licenses (MDL) on the American public.

But now things are about to take a strange turn.

MDL companies want to encourage motorists to use digital drivers licenses by tying them into loyalty rewards programs and various services.

According to a interview with David Holmes, Identity Management & Security Commercial Director at Underwriters Laboratories, MDL companies are working with retailers.

“Those potential benefits include freeing consumers from carrying around the plastic card, increased use across jurisdictions, and more control over what information from the driver’s license is shared, with application-specific exposure. It could also potentially be used for payments, loyalty programs, and for various services that require authentication.”

What about loss of privacy?

Who in their right mind would EVER provide their personal drivers license information to a retailer so they can receive a discount?

Last year, I warned everyone that MDL companies have close ties to DHS and their goal is to “fingerprint and facially recognize everyone.”

MDLs offer a disturbing glimpse into the future, where DHS and retailers use them to track our every purchase.

MSM continues to promote MDLsRecent articles in NBC News and Fox News reveals how the MSM continues to promote MDLs.

“People are excited about it,” said Rob Mikell, an executive with Idemia, a Billerica, Massachusetts-based software firm that has developed a digital driver’s license for Iowa and is running a pilot program for digital licenses in Delaware.

In fact NBC News goes out of its way to reassure the public that MDLs are safe by quoting Mikell again saying, if you found my smartphone … I can feel secure that my identity is protected.”

It is the same with Fox News, who quoted two people with a vested interest in MDLs saying things like “it almost makes too much sense to add this as an option and everyone wants it right now.” 

With insightful stories like these, is it any wonder that Big Brother has succeeded in creating a national ID card (Real-ID)?

Last year, I warned everyone that MDL companies were working with government employees trying to convince the public to switch to digital drivers licenses.

In Iowa, MorphoTrust and DHS have been using one hundred DOT employees to convince the public to accept MDLs.

Convincing the public to switch to MDLs is all about money.

MDLs are all about massive profits

At the very end of the interview, Holmes is quoted as saying, “MDL is a massive opportunity for them, just because of the numbers game that comes into play, it’s a massive opportunity that is not far away, because the wave is about ready to start hitting shore.”

“Massive opportunity for them” is just a fancy way of saying, the more people that they convince to use MDLs means MASSIVE profits for them!

So to recap, MDLs are all about creating a DHS biometric database that tracks our travels and purchases. While biometric companies make “massive” profits.

Do we really need anymore reasons to say no to MDLs?

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