• Geoengineering

    Geoengineering Programs and Weather Modification Experiments WORLDWIDE!

    Source: ClimateViewer News May 22, 2018 Jim Lee SCOPEX, FICER, DHS Hurricane Control, Marine Cloud Brightening, Ocean Iron Fertilization, and Cloud Seeding Projects around the Globe! Related Posts:Inventor of Cloud Seeding Created ‘Weather Weapons of War’Ionospheric Heaters – Space Weather Control and Geophysical Warfare“Counter-Geoengineering” and Fake Plastic TreesA technofix for the climate?Climate Global Control Trading LLC Creates & Steers Hurricanes with Ionospheric Modification and Cloud IonizationGeoengineering is Banned, but they keep trying! Funding Climate InterventionAre NEXRAD Radars Steering Hurricane Florence?Chemtrails From SPACE! pt 2 – The Present (1978-Today)Iran just Accused the West of Engineering Drought for the 2nd TimeHell Hath No Fury Like Weather Geoengineering

  • Weather Warfare

    Inventor of Cloud Seeding Created ‘Weather Weapons of War’

    Source: Truthstream Media October 10, 2017 Aaron Dykes The Real Reason Weather IS Manipulated While everyone is busy arguing that control over weather doesn’t exist, or that those who claim it does are crazy, conspiratorial nutters, actual history reveals that it not only exists, but was developed for an ulterior motive. This video provides an interesting bit on General Electric’s Irving Langmuir, his ties to the brothers Vonnegut, and the military’s attempts at destroying the enemy with wicked weather. In the sources shown in the video, Irving Langmuir and others admit to a) steering hurricanes, b) causing a 1947 and 1948 hurricane to change course, resulting in the coastal destruction of…