When Is There Going to be Accountability for US Wars and Aggression?

Source: Global Research February 3, 2018 By Rick Sterling US makes new claims of WMD in Syria It’s WMD all over again. Anonymous “US officials” are once again accusing a targeted “regime” of using “chemical weapons” and threatening that the U.S. military may have to “hold it accountable”. Once again, …

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Planned Obsolescence

The Lightbulb Conspiracy – Planned Obsolescence

Source: TheTruthIsDiscovered February 14, 2014 Did you know that the lifetime of light bulbs has been reduced on purpose to just 1000 hours? Or that your printer may ‘break’ after a predefined number of printed pages determined by an electronic counter? Or that Apple batteries lasted only 18 months which …


How Government Agents Troll Online to Divide and Confuse

Source: The Daily Bell December 13, 2017 By Joe Jarvis The real story of online deception isn’t about the Russians. Sure, the Russians certainly have their own programs to disrupt and steer online discourse. But how quickly the public has forgotten about the U.S. government’s own internet troll program. Edward …

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Ghostwriters on the Storm: How Big Pharma (and everyone else) Ghostwrites Articles

Source: Corbett Report James Corbett Did you ever read an “article” on a “reputable news site” that was so much like an advertisement that you had to double-check you weren’t reading a press release? Well guess what? You probably were! Today James goes over a couple of examples of how …


Werner Von Braun & The Hoaxed Alien Invasion From Space

Source: Uncensored News Network by L C Vincent Dr. Wernher von Braun was a top ranking SS officer who was also the head of the Nazi rocket program during WWII. Von Braun was brought to America after the war because our government considered his knowledge and expertise too vital to …



Everything Is A Lie: The Deliberate Intent To Deceive People Is At An All Time High “From pollution to politics, the era of deception and duplicity has reached new heights and hijacked almost every form of media in the world. In the last frontiers for truth such as the internet, …