You Can’t Argue against Socialism’s 100 Percent Record of Failure

After more than two dozen failed attempts, Socialism has proven itself to be a disastrous philosophy. Source: Foundation for Economic Education April 16, 2018 by Kristian Niemietz Socialism is extremely in vogue. Opinion pieces which tell us to stop obsessing over socialism’s past failures, and start to get excited about its …


The U.S. is Not a Democracy, It Never Was

Photo by Daniel Huizinga | CC BY 2.0 Source: counterpunch December 13, 2017 by Gabriel Rockhill One of the most steadfast beliefs regarding the United States is that it is a democracy. Whenever this conviction waivers slightly, it is almost always to point out detrimental exceptions to core American values …


What Next for Catalonia?

Source: Global Intelligence October 11, 2017 by Stephen Lendman On Tuesday, Catalan President Carles Puigemont and majority regional parliamentarians declared independence from Spain – then suspended it to pursue dialogue with Madrid. The document signed said in part: “We establish the Catalan Republic as an independent and sovereign, legal, democratic …


All Government Powers Are Based on Mystical Justifications

Source: Foundation for Economic Education October 5, 2017 By Richard M. Ebeling It is one of the great political mysteries: the success of governments in ruling over societies with little popular resistance, even when those governments have been brutal tyrannies. This has been no less true for democratic regimes, under …


The Danger Of Patriotism

Source: The Burning Platform September 24, 2017 by Bob Livingston My friends, it is frightening how simple we are and how easily we are manipulated simply because we are intellectually lazy. The U.S. establishment has confused cause and effect by and through a flag-waving mania in America. “Patriotism” throughout history …


Republic vs Democracy

Rule by Law vs. Rule by Majority Just after the completion and signing of the Constitution, in reply to a woman’s inquiry as to the type of government the Founders had created, Benjamin Franklin said, “A Republic, if you can keep it.” Not only have we failed to keep it, …


Reality Zone Unfiltered News 2010 September 18-24

Hornet’s nest of contention: In last week’s issue, we linked to a story relating to President Obama’s Executive Order #13544 that established a vastly expanded federal health-care bureaucracy. Now we are making a retraction – of sorts. Click here for the story behind the story. 2010 Sep 24 Unfiltered News …


Reality Zone Unfiltered News 2010 September 11-17

John Holdren, Obama’s Science Advisor, is urging the public to stop using the phrase  “global warming” and replace it with “global climate disruption.” [Smart move for the mythmakers, because the reality of global cooling becomes more evident with each passing month, and the phrase “climate change” is not scary enough …