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    How Wikipedia Lies

    Source: Washington’s Blog April 20, 2018 by Eric Zuesse Did you know that Vice President Dick Cheney admitted that on 11 September 2001 he, as President George W. Bush’s brief stand-in during the 9/11 attacks that hit the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, issued an order (and it was carried out) to shoot down United Airlines Flight 93 while it was in the air near Pittsburgh? If what he said at the time was true, then the standard ‘historical’ account of the plane’s having been brought down as a result of action by the passengers, would be concocted, not history at all. Here is the video-clip of V.P. Cheney…

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    Absolute Proof That Our Elections Are Bought

    Source: Truthstream Media November 5, 2017 Aaron and Melissa Dykes Respectfully, this is a video about how fake our elections are and how much of a waste of time voting is. Solution? To start, stop voting, which we said before on this channel many times. IF everyone did, then what? Ever think of that? We the People haven’t tried it. Both sides are bought and paid for, have been for at least our entire lifetimes… The system just knew they could never, ever sell the country Hillary and especially not after Obama. It’s a *S*election, plain and simple. Like chess pieces on a game board, moved around for strategic purposes…