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Transcending the Hegelian Dialectic and Duality Reality

Source: Waking Times May 31, 2018 Rosanne Lindsay In our ego-driven, divide-and-conquer world, we live in a duality reality. This reality reflects a matrix of opposites: introvert/extrovert, beginning/end, living/dead, mind/matter, wave/particle, self/other, material/spiritual, on/off, right/left. This is merely a separation of the mind that always wants to compare. We are …

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Why Can’t People See What’s Happening?

Truthstream Media History is repeating, but sadly most people haven’t caught on. From the G20 to the race riots of the 60s, the powers that be are salivating for a pretext upon which to crack down. It was, and remains, problem-reaction-solution. A dialectic. Related Posts:NGOs Are The Deep State‚Äôs Trojan …