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    Honest Government Ad | Julian Assange / American Empire

    The British, Australian, Ecuadorian and US Governments have made an ad about Julian Assange’s arrest and it’s surprisingly honest and informative! Source: The Juice Media April 15, 2019 This video (Honest Government Ad | Julian Assange / American Empire) was originally created and published by The Juice Media and is published here under a Creative Commons license with attribution to The Juice Media . It may be re-posted freely with proper attribution and this copyright statement. Related Posts:Honest Government Ad | Visit Timor-Leste!5 Ridiculous New Year Predictions (Guaranteed To Not Come True!)By 3-to-1, Americans Want Assange ProsecutedFrom Jesus Christ to Julian Assange: When Dissidents Become Enemies of the StateAssange Has…

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    Honest Government Ad | Visit Timor-Leste!

    Source: The Juice Media October 28, 2018 The Australien Government has made a tourism ad about East Timor, and it’s surprisingly honest and informative! Related Posts:Honest Government Ad | Julian Assange / American EmpireHonest Government Ad | Government CorruptionHollywood, MSM & Silicon Valley: All Strings Pulled By Same MasterThe State Expands its Responsibilities In Order to Expand Its PowerEarth to Trump: America Is ALREADY A Socialist CountryFeds to Sell Even More Public Land for Fracking Near Sacred ParkMartial Law Is Unacceptable Under Any PresidentHow the Shutdown Shows Us Exactly Where to Start Cutting GovernmentMr. Pissed Goes to WashingtonGreen New Deal Delusion

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    Monsanto and Bayer Tie the Knot – Don’t Miss the Most Satanic Wedding of the Year

    Source: Waking Times March 27, 2018 Julian Rose Oh happy day! Two entities that are clearly a near perfect match, are to be joined together in hellish matrimony. On the 21st March, 2018, after due consideration, The EU Monopolies and Murders Commission sanctioned their marriage – for the princely sum of just $666 billion dollars. What a joyous day for the people, plants and animals of planet Earth! The wedding, between these two infamous same-sex corporates, is to be celebrated with a laboratory prepared Roundup Ready cocktail, which invited guests will be able to savor from specially commissioned asbestos goblets, each bearing the Saturnian insignia of the corporate couple. Cyber waiters,…

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    5 Ridiculous New Year Predictions (Guaranteed To Not Come True!)

    Source: The Corbett Report January 7, 2018 James Corbett Happy New Year, everybody!… …Right? It is going to be a happy new year, right? Regime change operations in Iran and nuclear button talk in North Korea and biometric banking and a million other concerns beside, it is going to be a happy new year, isn’t it? You see, it’s just that the last article I read in 2017 was this horrifying treatise on “Everything Amazon’s Alexa learned to do in 2017” and it just seemed so ridiculously à propos to my year-end editorial on technocracy that it was almost hard to get excited for the dawning of 2018. I mean,…