Agenda 21

Illuminati Agenda 21

Source: Left Hook June 14, 2018 Dean Henderson (Excerpted from Chapter 9: Agenda 21: Illuminati Agenda 21: The Luciferian Plan To Destroy Creation) In 1992, just as the US Democratic Party was being hijacked by the Illuminati Presidency of Bill Clinton, and just as the UK Labor Party was about …


The Future is Calling (Part 2) – Secret Organizations and Hidden Agendas

Secret Organizations and Hidden Agendas The Future Is Calling (Part Two) © 2003 – 2009 by G. Edward Griffin Revised 2009 April 19 JOHN RUSKIN PROMOTES COLLECTIVISM AT OXFORD Now let’s put theory behind us and get back into some real history. From the minutes of the Carnegie Endowment, we …