Where Has The Money Gone?

Source: Abel Danger September 3, 2018 Site Admin Aircraft graveyard: Aerial footage shows thousands of retired military planes in Arizona The Destroyers : Where Has The Money Gone. Directed by Max Fielden and Louis Mustill Shot In London and Birmingham, July 2010 Cameras: Max Fielden, Chris Keenan, Chris VIncze Related …


We Are Being Lied To About Yet Another Middle Eastern Country By Yet Another US President

Source: Caitlin Johnstone Rogue Journalist May 9, 2018 Caitlin Johnstone Do you know who the single biggest donor was to any candidate in the 2016 presidential race? Hillary Clinton’s massive $1.2 billion losing campaign budget might make you think that it was one of the many, many powerful influencers who …

2nd Amendment

Infamous Quotes

Banking and Monetary Policy “Government is the only agency that can take a valuable commodity like paper, slap some ink on it, and make it totally worthless” Ludwig von Mises “Banking was conceived in iniquity and born in sin. Bankers own the Earth. Take it away from them, but leave …

Banking and Monetary Policy

Fiat Money

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Banking and Monetary Policy

World Domination By ‘The Money Changers’

The Secret of Oz It is commonly known in economics academia that The Wonderful Wizard of Oz written by L. Frank Baum in 1900 is loaded with powerful symbols of monetary reform which were the core of the Populist movement and the 1896 and 1900 presidental bids of Populist Democrat William …


Ray Stevens – Obama Budget Plan

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Bernanke is Wrong, Gold is Money

2011 July 13 Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke today said that the Federal Reserve is prepared to act with an additional round of quantitative easing if there is any weakening of the U.S. economy and threat of deflation. Bernanke also said that the Fed could act in other ways to …


Manning The Barricades for Virtue and America

Written on July 2, 2011 by Floyd Brown This a Fourth of July we are reflecting on the Founding Father’s intensive study of the Roman civilization. Knowing history, they embraced Rome’s virtues and eschewed her vices. The Founders understood the currents of history which gave us a collective heritage unrivaled. …



Where does money come from? Where does it go? Who makes it? The money magicians’ secrets are unveiled. We get a close look at their mirrors and smoke machines, their pulleys, cogs, and wheels that create the grand illusion called money. A dry and boring subject? Just wait! You’ll be …


The Purpose Behind Engineered Economic Collapse

By Giordano Bruno Neithercorp Press – 08/17/2010 “From now on, depressions will be scientifically created.” — Congressman Charles A. Lindbergh Sr. , 1913 Everyone loves money. Even people like myself who abhor the abuse of money and commerce, who understand the fraudulent nature of the system we live in, still …