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    “Counter-Geoengineering” and Fake Plastic Trees

    Source: ClimateViewer News November 4, 2018 Jim Lee Scientists hell bent on coating the sky in sunscreen or making fake trees to suck CO2 are ignoring the obvious: PLANT TREES! This video (“Counter-Geoengineering” and Fake Plastic Trees) was originally created and published by ClimateViewer News and is published here under a Creative Commons license with attribution to Jim Lee and ClimateViewer News. It may be re-posted freely with proper attribution, author bio, and this copyright statement.   Related Posts:A technofix for the climate?Carbon Black Dust – The Chemtrail Secret for Weather Warfare, Geoengineering, and Ozone DestructionClimate Global Control Trading LLC Creates & Steers Hurricanes with Ionospheric Modification and Cloud IonizationGeoengineering is Banned, but they keep…

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    Has The Primary Geoengineering Materials Supplier Been Identified? ( Dane Wigington )

    Source: Geoengineering Watch October 3, 2017 Dane Wigington The global climate engineers are spraying unimaginable quantities of materials into skies all over the world as part of the ongoing geoengineering / solar radiation management assault. The world’s most recognized geoengineer, Dr. David Keith, has stated on the record a goal of putting 10,000,000 tons of aluminum nanoparticles into the atmosphere annually as part of the solar radiation management operations. Where could this much highly refined and specialized material come from? What company or corporation could have the capacity and global network to meet the demand of climate engineering operations all over the world? Who is at the head of such…

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    Geoengineering / Solar Radiation Management / Drought

    What if there were a monumental environmental threat that you didn’t even know was happening? What if you found out it is affecting your health and that of people you know and love? What if you knew it was such an enormous problem that it has the potential to destroy our crops and trees, the soil they are grown in, our entire water supply, and whole ecosystems – and that if you didn’t act, we could never turn back? We are not talking about fracking, nuclear energy, or the oil industry. We’re not even talking about climate change. What if it came into use in an insidious way, just as…