China is Proving a Complete Technocracy is not a Fictional Conspiracy Theory

Image credit: Consumer Voice, CDN Wallpapers, JDR Source: The Mind Unleashed Markab Algedi Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be an activist, or even just a person who speaks out against injustice on social media in China? You might end up stripped of your ability to do every …

Surveillance State

What’s ID 2020 And Are You Ready To Become Impacted By It?

Image Credit: Pixabay Source: Activist Post January 1, 2018 By Catherine J. Frompovich An apparent New World Order (NWO) numbering of the world’s population is in the works, which will affect and impact every human being on the planet from the first day of birth forward!  Below is a schematic …


2017: The Year Of Technocracy (Confirmed!)

Source: The Last American Vagabond December 30, 2017 By James Corbett As you no doubt remember, dear reader, I kicked off 2017 with my customary look at the year ahead. This year’s prediction? “2017: The Year of Technocracy.” As I observed lo those many months ago: “I find it more …


The 5 Cartels that Rule America and the World

Source: Waking Times December 26, 2017 Isaac Davis Americans have been programmed to fight amongst themselves along partisan political lines, always pointing the finger at the other side of the phony left-right paradigm. Divide and conquer is the broad tactic being used to keep people from recognizing, focusing on, and …

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Source: The Corbett Report November 29, 2017 James Corbett Sophia the robot is not a “she.” But if the powers-that-shouldn’t-be get their way we will soon be marrying our sex robots and having fewer babies than ever. It’s time to put the brakes on this crazy train. This video (WE …

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Data is the New Oil

Source: The Corbett Report November 25, 2017 James Corbett In this follow up to Why Big Oil Conquered the World, James further explores the concept of technocracy. If “Data is the New Oil” then what does that tell us about the 21st century oligarchy and the world that they are …

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Agenda 21

What Is Sustainable Development?

Source: The Corbett Report October 20, 2017 James Corbett We’ve all heard of “sustainable development,” but what does it actually mean? Is it really about protecting the earth, or is it just another tool for foisting an agenda of carbon eugenics and technocracy? Join us this week on The Corbett …


Nanochips and Smart Dust: The Dangerous New Face of the Human Microchipping Agenda

Source: The Freedom Articles October 20, 2017 Makia Freeman Nanochips and Smart Dust are the new technological means for the advancement of the human microchipping agenda. Due to their incredibly tiny size, both nanochips and Smart dust have the capacity to infiltrate the human body, become lodged within, and begin …