Kafka’s Laws of Modern Day Totalitarianism

Photograph Source Arturo Espinosa | CC BY 2.0 Source: counterpunch May 4, 2018 by Dan Corjescu We live in a world of mass surveillance. A world directed by elites for elites. However, for most of us, our daily lives are expressed by the French saying metro, boulot, dodo (metro, work, sleep). Yet, at …


Meet Xi Jinping, President For Life

Source: The Corbett Report March 25, 2018 James Corbett As you might have heard by now, Chinese President Xi Jinping has just appointed himself God Emperor For Life. Or, in Chinese Communist Party-ese: “The term of office of the State Council is the same as that of the National People’s …


Madrid’s Fascist Boot Stomps on Catalonia

Source: Global Intelligence October 30, 2017 by Stephen Lendman Fascist police states give no quarter, using force and other underhanded tactics to assert their will – the way Washington, Spain and other Western governments operate. Spanish PM Mariano Rajoy revealed his regime’s ugly face by appalling referendum day police state …


All Government Powers Are Based on Mystical Justifications

Source: Foundation for Economic Education October 5, 2017 By Richard M. Ebeling It is one of the great political mysteries: the success of governments in ruling over societies with little popular resistance, even when those governments have been brutal tyrannies. This has been no less true for democratic regimes, under …


Rising Up Against The Oligarchs Does Not Equal Socialism

Source: Activist Post October 1, 2017 By Jon Rappoport There are “people’s” groups all over the world who advocate the overthrow of the men at the top —the Oligarchs—who control nations. These people’s groups want to install socialism as the answer to Oligarchy. That’s preposterous. The Oligarchs—bankers, mega-corporate CEOs, financiers, …

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Points For “Good Behaviour”: Canadian Government Introduces the Creepiest App Ever

Source: Corbett Report James Corbett Yes, the Canadian government has rolled out an app that gives you points for eating well and exercising and taking quizzes about the flu shot and other healthy activities! And everyone seems totally fine with this. Welcome to the future, everyone, because the totalitarian states …